NHKニュースで学ぶ現代英語 2024年3月勉強分③


【 語彙・表現 】
・go on a rampage:大暴れする、荒れ狂う
 ex) The film tells the story of Godzilla as it goes on a rampage in the aftermath of World War II.

・leave A with ~:Aに~(感情など)を残す
・bewilderment:困惑、混乱 [biwíldərmənt]
 ex) “The nomination left me with a feeling of happy bewilderment. If someone had told me I was dreaming, I would have answered I thought so too.”

 ex) He said the Oscar nomination is probably acknowledgment for his producing so much on a limited budget.

【 豆知識:仮定法過去・仮定法過去完了のおさらい 】

“If someone had told me I was dreaming, I would have answered I thought so too.”


“If someone tells me (that) I am dreaming, I will answer (that) I think so too."

“If someone told me (that) I was dreaming, I would answer (that) I thought so too."

“If someone had told me (that) I was dreaming, I would have answered (that) I thought so too."

参考:Native Camp 文法中級の総まとめ ③ 仮定

【 豆知識:間接話法→直接話法の変換 】

“If someone had told me (that) I was dreaming, I would have answered (that) I thought so too."


“If someone had said to me, “You are dreaming,” I would have answered, “I think so too.”"

told meは強い口調を示唆するため、直接引用にするときには、said to meなどと言いかえることが多い。
引用符の中は引用なので、想定される発言はそのままの普通の文で、“You are dreaming,” そして“I think so too.”となる。

スウェーデン NATO加盟決定

参考:フィンランド NATO正式加盟

【 語彙・表現 】
・expand their ranks:ここでは「彼らの組織を拡大する」といったニュアンス
hold up「妨げる、止める、停滞させる
 ex) NATO leaders have seen their efforts to expand their ranks and isolate Russia held up by some of their own.

consent:承認、同意、納得 [kənsnt]
 ex) Now they’ve heard the last members of their alliance give their consent.

 ※cf. smartphone holdout「スマートフォンをいつまでたっても持とうとしない人 句動詞のhold outは「抵抗する、持ちこたえる、粘る」
 ex) Leaders in Hungary had promised repeatedly that they would not be the last holdouts.

 ex) And Prime Minister Viktor Orban had faced pressure from others in NATO to approve the bid.

・come under:〔批判・詮索・保護などを〕受ける
 ex) He came under more last month when members of the Turkish parliament ratified Sweden’s request.

・fall in line:合わせる、共同歩調をとる
 ※同じ列や線の上に並ぶようなイメージ。cf. fall in line with ~:~と歩調を合わせる、pressure to fall in line:同調圧力
 ex) Finally, he asked lawmakers to fall in line.

・drag on:長引く
 ex) The Swedes saw their bid drag on for more than 18 months.

 ex) “Sweden is leaving 200 years of neutrality and non-alignment behind.”

【 豆知識:"parliament" と “parlor" は語源が同じ 】
“He came under more last month when members of the Turkish parliament ratified Sweden’s request."

→ 「公の問題について討議する会議」
→ 「議会、国会」

→ 「修道院の中の外来者との面談室(面談用の窓)」
→ 「応接室、居間」
→ アメリカでは「客間風の店、営業所」
 (例:pizza parlor、beauty parlor、ice cream parlor)


“脳でマウスを操作” マスク氏が挑戦

【 語彙・表現 】
 ex) U.S. entrepreneur Elon Musk says a patient who received a brain-chip implant by a firm he co-founded is able to control a computer mouse using just their thoughts.

 ex) Some U.S. media outlets are reporting no videos or other objective evidence have been presented and academic studies and other types of third-party verification have not been completed.

・enable A to ~:Aが~できるようにする
 ex) Universities and businesses are researching brain-computer interface technology to enable people with physical disabilities to control computers by thought.

【 豆知識:"the" や “a" をあえて違って読む場合 】

【 豆知識:2つの複数形がある単語 】


フィリピン大統領 民主化記念日を中止

【 語彙・表現 】
・the People Power movement:フィリピンの「ピープルパワー」運動(民主化運動の記念日)
 ex) Sunday marks the 38th anniversary of the People Power movement that ousted President Ferdinand Marcos.

・cover up:(不正や都合の悪いことなどを)包み隠す、もみ消す、隠蔽する
 ex) Protesters in Manila are accusing the Philippine government of trying to cover up the history of the dictatorship.

・presidential proclamation:大統領による宣言、布告、大統領令
 ex) February 25 had been a national holiday, but the current president, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., dropped the holiday this year in a presidential proclamation.

 ex) Civic groups held a rally in Manila on Sunday.

・revise history:(自らに都合の悪い)歴史を修正する、書き換える
 ex) They criticized the decision to scrap the holiday, calling it an attempt to revise history.

・the government are・・・:イギリス英語ではgovernmentを単数形のisではなく複数形のareで受けることもある。
 ex) “It’s sad because the government are trying to revision or … to destroy our history.”

・the pro-democracy movement:民主化運動
 ex) Organizers showed videos of the pro-democracy movement, and people mourned the victims of the dictatorship.

肥満症の新治療薬 処方始まる

【 語彙・表現 】
・obesity:肥満、肥満症 [oubíːsəti]
 ex) Doctors here in Japan have started prescribing a new weight-loss drug to patients who suffer from obesity.

 ex) There are concerns people could use it for cosmetic purposes, making it harder for those who need it to get access.

・go on sale:発売される、市場に出る
 ex) “A new medicine called Wegovy went on sale today. So let’s give it a try.”

・active ingredient:有効成分
 ex) Its active ingredient, semaglutide, mimics the effects of an appetite-regulating hormone.

(be) diagnosed with ~:~(病名)と診断される
 ex) Japan’s public health insurance system covers the use of Wegovy for patients diagnosed with obesity, as well as high blood pressure and other symptoms.

turn to ~:~に頼る、~に目を向ける
・diabetes:糖尿病 [dàiəbíːtiːz]
 ex) A growing number of people are turning to diabetes drugs containing semaglutide for cosmetic purposes.

 ex) Experts say using the medicine without doctor supervision can be dangerous.