NHKニュースで学ぶ現代英語 2023年3月勉強分⑤


 ex) A dancer from Japan has become one of the new stars of the world-renowned Paris Opera Ballet.

・a small number of ~:僅かな、数少ない
・revere:深く尊敬する、崇拝する、あがめる [rivíər]
 ex) Hannah O’Neill is one of only a small number of foreigners to reach the revered “etoile” status.

・Opera Garnier:オペラ・ガルニエ、ガルニエ宮(パリ国立オペラの劇場の1つ)
 ex) The company announced O’Neill’s promotion at the end of a performance at the Opera Garnier.

・meet with ~:(賛否など人々の反応を)受ける、(ある結果を)迎える
 ※be met withと受け身にすることが多い。ex. be met with criticism「批判を受ける」
・rapturous:熱狂的な、有頂天の [rǽptʃərəs]
・rapturous applause:拍手喝采
 ex) The news was met with rapturous applause.

・Prix de Lausanne:ローザンヌ賞(スイスのローザンヌ国際バレエコンクールで与えられる賞)
・be named ~:~に指名される、~に選ばれる
・Benois de la Danse:ブノワ賞
 ex) She won the Prix de Lausanne in 2009 and was named best ballerina at the Benois de la Danse in Moscow in 2016.

・congratulatory:祝いの [kəngrǽtʃələtɔ̀ri]
 ex) The Paris Opera Ballet issued a congratulatory message, calling O’Neill a shining star of the ballet world.

建築家の坂茂さん ウクライナ避難民を支援

 ※ex. displaced worker:(会社の倒産やリストラなどで)仕事を失った人、失業者
 ex) Renowned Japanese architect Ban Shigeru is working to improve the lives of displaced Ukrainians.

 ex) Many are stuck in crowded shelters, but he’s found a way to give them some much-needed privacy with one of his signature materials: paper.

・serve as ~:~の役割を果たす、~として役立つ
 ex) Cardboard tubes serve as pillars and beams.

・burst into tears:急に泣きだす
 ※ex. burst into laughter:急に笑いだす
 ex) An evacuee entered her personal space and immediately burst into tears.


・privacy:(アメリカ)[práivəsi] (イギリス)「プヴァシー」
・tomato:(アメリカ)[təméitou] (イギリス)[təmɑ́ːtou]
・schedule:(アメリカ)[skédʒuːl] (イギリス)「シェジュール」[ʃédʒuːl]

タリバン 女子教育の再開を突然延期

・turn to ~:(話題を)~に移す、~に目を向ける
・delay ~:~を先延ばしにする
・a plan to ~:~する計画、予定
・return to school:学校に戻る、復学する
 ex) Turning to Afghanistan. The Taliban have delayed plans to allow girls to return to school.

・attend school:学校に通う、学校の授業に出席する
 ex) Girls have not been able to attend secondary school since last August, when the Islamist group regained power.

・draw up:(計画などを)立案する、策定する
・in accordance with ~:~にのっとって、従って
 ex) the Taliban’s education ministry announced they would remain closed until a plan was drawn up in accordance with Islamic law.

 ex) A spokesperson for the Taliban’s office in Qatar told NHK that the postponement was due to a procedural problem.

 ex) The move was greeted with widespread disappointment.

・interpretation:解釈 [intə̀ːrprətiʃən]
 ※interpretationは他にも「通訳」という意味で使われる。ex. simultaneous interpretation:同時通訳
 ex) According to the Taliban’s interpretation, it’s against the teachings of Islam for men and women to study under the same roof.

・international community:国際社会
・rectify:(問題や誤りなどを)正す、訂正する [réktəfài]
 ex) The international community has been urging the group to rectify the situation.

the Taliban:タリバン

北朝鮮 “新型ICBM発射実験に成功”

・a type of ~:~の種類の1つ
・a new type of ~:新型の~
・intercontinental:大陸間の [ìntʌ̀kɑntinéntəl]
・ballistic:弾道の [bəlístik]
 ex) North Korea says it successfully test-fired a new type of intercontinental ballistic missile, called “Hwasong-17.”

 ex) State-run media says North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attended the launch.

 ex) The missile was fired from an international airport in Sunan, a suburb of Pyongyang.

・exclusive economic zone:排他的経済水域(EEZ)
・the northern prefecture of ~:北部の~県(ここでは道) ※豆知識参照
 ex) Japanese officials believe it fell into the sea about 150 kilometers from the northern prefecture of Hokkaido. That is inside Japan’s exclusive economic zone.

・altitude:高度、標高 [ǽltitùːd]
 ex) The report says the missile reached an altitude of more than 6,200 kilometers.

・over a distance of ~:~という距離にわたって
 ex) It says it flew for about 67 minutes over a distance of about 1,100 kilometers.

 ex) This is the country’s first full-scale launch of an ICBM since November 2017.

・the following year:その翌年
 ex) The following year, North Korea said it would stop testing this type of weapon and also suspend its nuclear tests.

the northern prefecture of ~:北部の~(都道府県)
 ex) Japanese officials believe it fell into the sea about 150 kilometers from the northern prefecture of Hokkaido.

The southern prefecture of:南部の~(都道府県)
 ex) The southern prefecture of Okinawa has urged the governments of Japan and the U.S. to resolve issues related to U.S. military bases in the prefecture.

<豆知識:"hit" の様々な使い方>
 ex) It accurately hit its target in the sea.「それは海の中の目標に正確に命中した

 ex) the natural disaster hit the economy「自然災害が経済に打撃を与えた

 ex) the temperature hit 35 degrees「気温が35度に達した

ウクライナ避難民 日本到着

・touch down:(飛行機や宇宙船が)着陸する
 ex) A Japanese government aircraft with 20 Ukrainian evacuees has touched down at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport.

・offer assistance:支援を申し出る
・in cooperation with ~:~と協力して
・local government:地方自治体
 ※市や町の自治体などは、municipal government
 ex) The government plans to offer them assistance in cooperation with private companies and local governments.

 ※dis + embark「搭乗する、乗船する」、こちらは乗り込むときに使う。
・test negative:検査で陰性と出る
 ex) The evacuees, aged six to 66, disembarked after testing negative for COVID-19 and went through immigration.

・the development:その展開
・follow ~:~に続く
・an influx of ~:(大勢の人や大量の物の)到来、殺到
 ex) The development follows Japan’s Foreign Minister Hayashi Yoshimasa’s visit to Poland to see how it’s handling an influx of Ukrainian evacuees.

・needs:必要な物 ※豆知識参照
 ex) It’ll cover their daily needs and medical care, as well as language lessons, job training, and education for children.

 ex) The government estimates the aid will last about six months.

下の例(Japanese government aircraft)のように、必ずしも形容詞でなくても続く言葉を説明したり修飾したりすることがあり、例えば「東京のホテル」ならa Tokyo hotelで表せる。
 ex) A Japanese government aircraft with 20 Ukrainian evacuees has touched down at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport.

<豆知識:"daily needs"「生活必需品」>
daily needs:生活必需品
daily necessitiesと言うこともある。