NHKラジオ英会話2022:break, set


~ 壊す:物でも抽象的なものでも ~
I broke mom’s favorite vase.
break a rule / a law
break a promise / his word
break the speed limit 
break the world record
break a code(解読する)
Could you break this bill?(このお札を崩してくれませんか)

~ 壊れる ~
The glass / My phone broke.
My heart broke.(気落ちした)

~ ある状況・場所を突き破る ~
Who is going to break the news?(誰がニュースを伝えることになるのかな)
break the peace(平和を乱す)
break the silence
break prison
Day will break soon.(もうすぐ夜が明ける)

~ 関係性を断ちバラバラにする ~
You mean you want to break up the band?(解散する)
John broke up with Mary.
break a habit(習慣を断つ)
Let’s have a break. ※活動を断つことから



※"place" は正確に、慎重に据える

~ 動かない → 固まる、凝固する ~
Wait until the cement / jelly sets.
How long does it take icing to set?

~ 動かない → 心を定める、固い決心 ~
Set your mind to it.(それに専心しなさい)
The sun sets in the west. (太陽は西に沈む)
He set his mind on becoming professional golfer.

~ 動かない → 設定する~
set a time / a price / a limit
set my hair
set the table for dinner

~ set + O + O ~
set the prisoner free
If you somebody, set them free.
set her heart at ease(彼女を安心させる)
set it right(間違いなどを正す)



“I can’t remember. I’ve lost count."
lose count (of ~):(~の数が)数え切れなくなる

“Something else besides playing rock music?"
besides ~:~以外に

“She said I should become an actor and play a role in her new movie."
play a role (as ~):(~の)役を演じる

“He set his mind on becoming professional golfer."
set one’s mind on ~:~しようと心に決める

“If you somebody, set them free."
set ~ free:~を自由にする


“Well, maybe it’s time for me to do something else."

“How long does it take icing to set?"