~ 例文 ~
I think you’re an amazing singer.
I always tell my students to think positive.
think hard / carefully / deeply / big
※think big:野心的に考える
think about it
Let me think.

~ 名詞として使う ~
give it a lot of thought(時間を掛けて考える)
give it some thought

~ I think:言いづらい内容のクッションにする~
I’m sorry, but I don’t think it’ll work.

~ 意図を表す ~
I think I’ll go shopping.

~ 予期を表す ~
My homework took longer than I thought.

~ 意見を伝える ~
I think it’s a great idea.
I don’t think it’s a great idea.
What do you think of?

~「みなす」を表す ~
I thought him (to be) a reasonable person.



thinker:思想家・考える人 beleiver:信仰者・信じている人
~ 例文 ~
I don’t believe it/that.
He dumped me by text. Can you believe that?
I can’t believe it! ← 実際に起こっているが心がそれを受け入れていない

~ 深く強い確信 ~
I believe we can meet the deadline.
I believe our startup will be a great success.

~ 意見を述べる(thinkより強くフォーマルな印象) ~
I believe it’s a great idea.

~ + in → より深く信じる~
“in" がないと、言うことを信じる
“in" がある分、信じ方が深まる(人格・存在・偉大さ・大切さなど深い部分まで)

believe in Ken / God / horoscopes
You have to believe in yourself.
believe in giving everyone a fair chance(すべての人に平等なチャンスを与えることの大切さを信じる)



~ 確信を加える意識 ~
I know you’ll do a great job
I know you can do it.

~ 知識以上の深みを感じさせる ~
know English ← 高い運用能力がある
know London ← 実際に過ごしたことがあり街案内が出来るレベル
know Ken ← 名前以外も色々知っている
Satomi knows Paris very well.

~ 「知っている」の定番表現~
Everybody knows
Nobody knows
Everybody says I have no chance of winning, but who knows?

~ 記憶・データに照らし合わせて行う判断 → 分かる ~
know good from bad
know right from wrong
I knew it was her as soon as I saw her.

~ 知る → 経験・理解 ~
I’ve never known a winter like this.
I’ve never known such terrible service in a hotel.
Do yo know what I mean?



~ 分からない→教えて、という疑問のニュアンス ~
I wonder if he still likes her.
I wonder who that woman is.
I’m wondering who that woman is.
I wonder who wrote this beautiful poem.

~ 控えめな誘い(依頼の定番表現)
I was wondering if you could help me.
I was wondering if you’d like to have dinner with me.

~ なぜか不思議に思う ~
I wonder why Gerard suddenly decided to quit.
no wonder ・・・(・・・なのは不思議ではない)



~ find出来るものは抽象的なものもok ~
find time
find Mr. Right(理想の夫を見つける)
find empty seat
find the solution

~ find + that節 ~
find that he’s a good guy
find that we’re going in the wrong direction 

~ find + O + C ~
find Chris sitting on a bench
find the book easy
find her honest
I found her latest book rather boring.

~ 手に入れるまでを含む ~
Where did you find the money?
Where did you find such a lovely dress?



“I have enough footage for the documentary now.

You’re too kind.“(いえ、それほどでもないですよ)

“I found her latest book rather boring."

“I’ve never known such a terrible guy as you."
such A as B:BのようなA

“I found a great Italian restaurant on the net."
on the net:ネットで


“everything is on me."


Aren’t those the pyramids?"

Some friend he met a long time ago in Mexico."