【目の前にあるものを意識的・能動的に手に取る → 選び取る】
~ 例文 ~
“I’ll take these."
“I didn’t have a reservation, but I decided to take a chance."
“I have to take this call. Sorry."

~ 他の例 ~
take his hand
take the business card from ~(~から名刺を受け取る)
take first prize
take medicine
take this case for example
take milk in tea
take a seat(場所をとる)
take a test
take a taxi / a bus / the Yamanote line(選択)
take a risk


~ 例文 ~
“Let me take your temperature."
“I took lots of photos on our holiday."(被写体からイメージ(像)を手に取ってくる)
“Shall we take a break?"
Take a look at these. We can do better, don’t you think?"

~ 他の例 ~
take your blood pressure / pulse
take a picture / video(対象から取ってくる)
take my wallet(誰かが取るから)
take a break / a rest
take a nap
take a sip / a bite
take a walk


【手に取ったものを自分の方へ引き寄せる → 受け入れる】
~ 例文 ~
“I’ll take your advice."
“How did she take the news?"
“Don’t take him seriously. He’s always joking."
“Don’t take it the wrong way."(誤解しないで)
Take it easy."(気楽にやりなよ)
“I can’t take it anymore."(もう我慢出来ない)
“Don’t take it literary."
“This room can take 250 people."

~ 他の例 ~
take an offer
take a job
take responsibility
take the consequences(結果を引き受ける)
take badly / well


【手に取って使う → 掛かる、必要にする】
~ 例文 ~
“It’ll only take 15 minutes or less if we walk fast."
“I’ll take care of your plants. No problem."
“It took my son just 15 seconds to solve this puzzle." ※take +O+Oの形
“What does it take to be a good teacher?"

~ 他の例 ~
take care of(気持ちを手に取って使う)
take advantage of(利権を手に取って使う)
take time / money / courage
take an expert


~ 例文 ~
“Can you take me to Stonehenge?"
Take your umbrella, ok?"
“Don’t forget to take your driver’s license with you."
 ※take toだけでなくtake withもよく使う
“My job took me all over Japan."
“I’ll take you home in my car."
 ※take home:家に持ち帰る、獲得する、稼ぐ



“Where’s the cash register?"
レジ:cash register

“Oh, we use Fahrenheit in England. I suppose you’re used to Celsius in Japan."
Fahrenheit:華氏 [fǽrənhàit] Celsius:摂氏 [sélsiəs]

“take a sip

Shall we take a break?"
shall we ~:ちょっと~しましょうか?

“Is this Caspar Middlefield?" → “Yes, speaking."

What a relief!

“It was kind of a gourmet burger, wasn’t it?"
gourmet [guərméi]

“It’s about as far as London."
○○ be as ~ as:~と同じくらいbe


“We just got here."
get:動いて手に入れる → 到着する

“From now on, ・・・"
on:続くというイメージ これからずっと


“take a break/a rest / a look at / a nap / a sip / a bite / a walk “
“a" が付くと「ちょっと」の印象を与える

“Do you feel ill?"

“We need you to bring some identification."
目的語説明型 youがto以下の行為へ進む

“That would be wonderful!"

“Don will take you to the station on his motor bike."

I’ve seen most of Oxford."

“That was the best hamburger I’ve ever had."
“I've always wanted to visit Stonehenge."
I haven’t been there in decades.