Native Camp 文法中級の総まとめ ⑩ 受動態・間接疑問文・話法・依頼と許可


<教材:中級53, 中級58>
“I am injured."
“He will be fired next month."
“Coffee was served after dinner."
“It has been broken."
“The meeting might be delayed."
“The phone should be fixed."
“She must be mistaken."
“They could be forgotten."
“My favorite movie, Leon, will be shown / is going to be shown/ is being shown/ is to be shown on TV tomorrow night."
“The important meeting about the budget will be held/ is going to be held/ is being held/ is to be held next Monday at one o’clock."


文中に入れるWH / How + SV
・Who do you think
・Where do you think
・What do you think
・Which one do you think
・Why do you think
・How do you think

<教材:中級62, 中級65>
“Who do you think you are to talk to me like that?"
“Who do you think she likes?"
“Where do you think she lives?"
“What do you think she wants for her birthday"
“Which one do you think is better for me?"
“Why do you think he doesn’t like you?"
“How do you think you caught a cold?"



<教材:中級50, 中級52>
①"The secretary said to Ben, “Your son called. He is going to be in town next week.”"
②"The secretary said to Ben (that) his son had called. He was going to be in town next week."

①"Linda said to Paul, “I’ve never been in love.""
②"Linda said to Paul that she’d never been in love."

①"Sarah said to Emma, “Your room looks messy, you will have to clean it.""
②"Sarah said to Emma that her room looked messy, and that she would have to clean it."

①"My husband said to me, “You will feel better if you eat something.""
②"My husband said to me that I would feel better if I ate something."

①"Daniel said to Olivia, “I won’t be able to fix your computer.""
②"Daniel said to Olivia that he wouldn’t be able to fix her computer."

①"Lydia said to Sarah, “I didn’t sleep very well last night.""
②"Lydia said to Sarah that she hadn’t slept very well the night before."

④間接話法:話す内容は “not to ~"
※直接話法で “say" は間接話法で “tell" に変わる。

<教材:中級51, 中級52>
③"My mother said to me, “Don’t talk to strangers.""
④"My mother told me not to talk to strangers."

③"Lisa said to her daughter, “Don’t play on the street.""
④"Lisa told her daughter not to play on the street."

③"Tim said to his wife, “Don’t tell me what to do.""
④"Tim told his wife not to tell him what to do."

③"The suspect said to the police, “Don’t shoot me.""
④"The suspect told the police not to shoot him."

③"David told Layla, “Don’t wait for me.""
④"David told Layla not to wait for him."


<教材:中級51, 中級52>
⑤"He said to me, “How are you?""
⑥"He asked me how I was."

⑤"Layla asked Aidan, “Have you seen Emily?""
⑥"Layla asked Aidan if he had seen Emily."

⑤"Bill asked John, “Did you get in a fight?""
⑥"Bill asked John if he had gotten in a fight."

⑤"Adam asked Samantha, “Will you be ready soon?""
⑥"Adam asked Samantha if she’d be ready soon."

⑤"Emma asked Sarah, “Are you going to bake a pie?""
⑥"Emma asked Sarah if she was going to bake a pie."

⑤"Layla asked David, “Do you like horror movies?""
⑥"Layla asked David if he liked horror movies."


・Would you mind ~ing?:「~してくれませんか?」
・Would you mind if I asked you to ~?:「Sに~してくれませんか?」

※答え方は、嫌なら “yes"、okなら “no"
・Yes, I would. (そう、 嫌だね → やらないよ won’t)
・No, I wouldn’t. (いいや、嫌じゃないよ → いいよ、やってあげよう sure)

<教材:中級32, 中級38>
“Would you mind closing the door?"
“Would you mind if I asked you to close the door?"

・Would you mind me/my ~ing?:「~してもいいですか?」
・Would you mind if I ~(過去形)?:「Sに~してくれませんか?」

※答え方は、嫌なら “yes"、okなら “no"
・Yes, I would. (そう、 嫌だね → やらないで don’t)
・No, I wouldn’t. (いいや、嫌じゃないよ → やれば you can)

<教材:中級32, 中級38>
“Would you mind me/my closing the door?"
“Would you mind if I closed the door?"

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