Native Camp 文法中級の総まとめ ⑨ 比較


It is/was the most/~est 名詞 (that) I’ve ever ・・・

<教材:中級7, 中級12>
“He is the smartest person I have ever known."
“He is the most intelligent person I have ever met."

形容詞を使った比較 「~と同じくらい・・・だ / ~ほど・・・ではない」

A is as 形容詞 as B = B is 形容詞, just like A is.
※二つ目の “as" の後ろの “is" は、普通の名詞(Emily等)の場合は省略可能、省略するかは人による。

<教材:中級22, 中級25>
“Tom is as kind as Maria (is)."
“He is as kind as she is."

A is not as 形容詞 as B = B is more 形容詞 than A
※二つ目の “as" の後ろの “is" は、普通の名詞(Emily等)の場合は省略可能、省略するかは人による。

<教材:中級22, 中級25>
“Maria is not as tall as Tom (is)."
“She is not as tall as he is."
“She shouldn’t be feeling as terrible as she seems."

副詞を使った比較 「~と同じくらい・・・だ / ~はより・・・だ」

as 副詞 as ・・・

<教材:中級23, 中級25>
“He trains as hard as the rookies do."
“I don’t eat as poorly as John does."
“He was as upset as she was."
“I will have confidence as much as my boss."
“I can’t understand movies in English as well as movies in Japanese."
“I am not interested in French as well as in English."

more 副詞 / 副詞比較級 than ・・・

<教材:中級23, 中級25>
“Sean drives more dangerously than I do."
“She sings better than I do."
“My husband is more maturely than I am."
“I can sing a song more smoothly than my friend in English."


一定量 + 比較級

「度合い + 比較級」
<教材:中級42, 中級45>
“It took a little longer than I expected."
“Room A is 1.2 times larger than Room B."
“In class today, I learned that horses run two times faster than humans."
“Did you know that women’s hips are approximately one and a half times bigger than men’s?"
“My husband’s youngest sister is only seven years older than my step-daughter."

「much + 比較級」
<教材:中級42, 中級45>
“It’s much more than that."
“John is sixty years old, but he looks much younger than he actually is."
“Sorry I’m late. The movie was much longer and more boring than I imagined."


The 比較級 S + V, the 比較級 S + V

「"more" や “better" や “less"」
<教材:中級41, 中級45>
“The more you exercise, the better you’ll get."
“The more he learns, the better he will become."
“The more I think about it, the less it makes sense."
“The more haste, the less speed. (急がば回れ)"

<教材:中級41, 中級45>
“The noisier the children were, the happier their mothers felt."
“The higher we climb, the colder the air becomes."
“The older people become, the harder it gets for them to sleep at night."
“The more money he earned, the greedier he became."

<教材:中級41, 中級45>
“The higher we climb, the more beautiful the scenery is."
“The older they get, the more forgetful they become."
“The older they get, the less healthy they become."
“The more he learns, the more curious he gets."

<教材:中級41, 中級45>
“The harder you exercise, the better results you’ll get."
“The more motivation they had, the better their skills became."
“The more we read books, the more knowledge we gain."
“The thicker coffee they have, the harder it gets for them to sleep at night."

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