Native Camp 文法中級 52 46~51のまとめ(仮定法過去完了・過去の推量・間接話法)


  Mary told me her brother-in-law had died.
  It must have happened recently.
  Did you ask if they were doing alright?
  They told me not to tell Sharon about his death.
  I wish I could have known about his illness earlier so that I could have visited him while he was still alive.

・line is busy:話し中だ
  ex) The line has been busy.

  ex) He had a stroke.

  ex) It must have caused a lot of grief for the family.

・wake:通夜 [wéik]
  ex) Are you going to attend the wake?

・mourn:嘆く・悲しむ [mɔ́rn]
  ex) We all regret and mourn.

・casket:棺 [kǽskət]
  ex) He’s busy preparing the casket.

・widow:未亡人 [wídou]
  ex) She recently became a widow herself.

・auntie:=ant [ǽnti]

・for the past half an hour
  ex) Sarah has been trying to call Olivia for the past half an hour, but the line has been busy.

・sudden deth
  ex) It was a pretty sudden death.

ever since
  ex) Ever since his brother died, he hasn’t been eating well.


【 “widow" の夫版の単語は?】
“widower" [wídouər]

【 間接話法にしたとき、"told" に “that" は必要か】
2個目のExerciseの4番で、文を間接話法タイプ:"Olivia told Daniel that ・・・" の文にした際、 “that" は必要か否か?
→ どちらでもok




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