【New Zealand】Kiwi Connections


Let’s take the train to Auckland.
How long does it take?
It took about two and a half hours.
Just don’t take this train.

get on/off, get in/out:乗り物に乗る/降りる

get on:乗り物に乗り込む(電車や飛行機)
Let’s get on the plane now.
We can’t get on the plane yet. They’re still cleaning it.

get off:乗り物から降りる(電車や飛行機)
We don’t get off here. We’ll get off at Shibuya station.

get in:乗り物に乗り込む(車やタクシー)
We’re leaving now. Let’s get in the car. ※get onだと車のルーフに乗っかるという意味になる

get out:乗り物から降りる(車やタクシー)
I’ll get out here.
If possible, I’d like to get out in front of the train station.


How much is a rail pass? ※乗り放題チケット:rail pass
I’d like a round-trip ticket. / May I have a round-trip ticket?

The cross country train stops in my hometown. ※新幹線:bullet trainでもいいが、(Japan’s) cross country trainと言う方が世界共通で分かりやすい
The cross country trains in New Zealand have big windows.


Let’s transfer here. ※乗り換える:changeだとホームの反対側に乗り換える程度のイメージ。階段を上がるなどそれなりの移動があるイメージがtransfer

Let’s sit towards the front of the train.

To transfer to the purple train line, we need to go through that ticket gate . ※路線:train line(車社会の人もいるのでtrainを付ける方が分かりやすい)


Your seat is in the next car. ※車両:(米)car/(英)carriage
Is this car number seven? ※〇号車:car number 〇(theは不要
All seats are reserved seats. ※指定席:reserved seat
That car has non-reserved seats. ※自由席:non-reserved seat
My seat number is 24A.
It’s in car number four, it’s an aisle seat.



Just transfer at the next stop. ※停車駅という意味ではstationよりstop
How many (more) stops is it from here?
Ginza station is four stops from here.
Just take this train to the last stop. 「終点までこの電車に乗ってください」


Is this train running on time? 「この電車は定刻通りですか?」
This train is not running late. 「この電車は遅れています」

There was a land slide, so the trains are not running now. 土砂崩れ:land slide
The trains are not running yet.

The trains start running at six a.m. 「6時に運行開始です」
The trains stop running at 11 p.m. 「11時に運行終了です」

This train doesn’t stop at the next station. 「次の駅を通過します」
This train is passing by a beautiful park.


The commuter express trains run from seven to nine a.m. ※通勤急行:commuter express train
The semi express trains leaves from track number four. ※準急急行:semi express train

The platform is crowded.
The announcement said the trains are running late.


What’s New Zealand famous for?
New Zealand is famous for its rugby.

Kiwi is the name of a bird. It’s also the name of a fruit.
New Zealand’s national bird is a kiwi.

New Zealand is located in the South Pacific. ※南太平洋:the South Pacific
The biggest city in New Zealand is Auckland.
The capital is Wellington. ※首都:the capital
Which part of New Zealand are you from?

What does 'Kia ora’ mean?