世界横断の旅:the Netherlands

今月のテーマ「Get Around Amsterdam」


The Netherlands is the cycling paradise of Europe.“ ※オランダ:The Netherlands(最近はHolandよりも) ※ 自転車王国:the cycling paradise
“A lot of people cycle in the Netherlands." ※自転車で移動する:cycle/bicycle/bikeを動詞として使う。主にcycle
“Let’s cycle around Amsterdam." ※~を自転車で巡る:cycle around ~
“The Netherlands has a lot of bicycle lanes." ※自転車専用レーン:bicycle/cycle/bike lane
“'Thank you’ is 'Bedankt’ in Dutch." ※オランダ語:Dutch

The handle bars are too low.“ ※ハンドル:handle bars
Would you adjust the handle bars higher?“ ※ハンドルを上げる/下げる:adjust the handle bars higher/lower
“Would you adjust the seat lower?" ※サドル:(bicycle) seat
 → (答え方)"It’s just right."
This bike has the ten speeds.“ ※十段変則:ten speeds
Your kickstand is still down.“ ※スタンド:kickstand
“My kickstand is broken."
“I have a standard city bike."



常に〇〇してください:Always ~
Always wear a helmet.
“Always use/turn on your light at night."
Always stop for pedestrians.“ ※一時停止する:stop
Always cycle on the right side of the road.“ ※道路の右側:the right side of the road
“Always cycle in the bicycle lane."

絶対に〇〇しないでください:Never ~
Never use your phone while cycling." ※携帯電話はphoneだけでok
“Let’s be safe."
Safety first.“ 「安全第一」
Better safe than sorry.“ 「転ばぬ先の杖」



How many stops is the Van Gogh museum from here?
“It’s about seven stops from here."
“The stop for the flower market is next. Let’s get off there."
“I’m getting off at the next stop."
Which is the closest stop to the Loyal Palace?“ ※最寄りの駅:the closest stop

Here’s the tram!“ 「路面電車が来ましたよ!」 ※路面電車:tram / streetcar
“We get on in the back." 「後ろから乗ります」
“We get off in the front." 「前から降ります」
“A one day pass is nine Euro(s)." ※ワンデーパス:one day pass
“For sightseeing, which tram route/line do you recommend?" ※routeは[ráut]と発音することもある。
“Some people says this route is the most beautiful in Europe."



“Where can I get a card for the tram?" ※ICカード:card
“What’s/ How much is the balance on this card?" ※残高:balance
“Just tap/touch this on the card reader."
“You can see your balance on the card reader."
“When you get off, just tap this on the card reader again."
“'Have a good trip’ is 'Goede reis’ in Dutch."
“The announcement says 'Goede reis’."

The next train for Paris is at track number three.
Which track is the train for Zurich?“ ※チューリッヒ:Zurich [zˈʊ(ə)rɪk]
“Where should I put my bags?" ※手荷物:bagsで良い
“My bags are getting heavy."
Be careful of pickpockets."
Besides pickpockets, what should we be careful of?“ ※~以外に:besides ~



“It’s at truck number five. It’s that way."
A reserved seat is 15 euro." ※予約席:reserved seat 自由席:an non-reserved seat
What time does/will the train for Paris come/arrive?
“It left one minute ago."
“When does the next train come?"
“The next train comes in seven minutes."



I don’t really have a favorite painter.“ ※特にいない:don’t really have
Monet is very popular in Japan." ※モネ:Monet(「モネ~イ」ネが高い)
“This painting is by Van Gogh." ※絵:painting
My favorite Van Gogh painting is 'Sunflowers.'"
“I might go to the Van Gogh museum."

“Amsterdam is famous for its canals." ※運河:canal [kənǽl]
The area with canals is called 'the Canal Belt.'"
“The Canal Belt is a world heritage site."