Native Camp 文法中級54 動名詞・不定詞につけるnot


  I got fired for not being punctual.
  I worked hard so as not to be financially dependent.

  <動名詞の前に “not">
  ex) I got fired for not being punctual.
  ex) I’m sorry for not writing in Japanese.
  ex) You might miss many chances by not speaking English.

  <不定詞 (so as to) の前に “not">
  ex) I worked hard so as not to be financially dependent.
  ex) I followed right behind them so as not to get lost.
  ex) You had better go to bed at once so as not to catch a cold.

  <不定詞 (in order to) の前に “not">
  ex) They had to agree with them in order not to cause problems.
  ex) I set an alarm for six in order not to oversleep.
  ex) I took a medicine in order not to catch a cold.

・punctual:時間を守る、時間[期限]どおりの、提示の [pʌ́ŋktʃuəl]
  ex) I got fired for not being punctual once.

・banned:ban(~を禁止する)の過去分詞 [bǽnd]
・apartment complex:アパート、共同住宅
  ex) Having pets is banned in this apartment complex.

・financially:金銭的に、財政上 [fənǽnʃəli / fainǽnʃəli]
  ex) I am financially independent.

・dependent:依存症の、扶養を受けている、〔経済的に〕依存している [dipéndənt]
  ex) I work so hard not to be financially dependent.

・desirable:望ましい、価値のある [dizáirəbəl]
  ex) I found a desirable apartment last week.

・proposition:提案、意見 [prɑ̀pəzíʃən]
  ex) I have a proposition for you.

・salon:〔美容・服飾などの〕店 [səlɑ́n]
  ex) I got fired from the salon I worked at for over two years.

  ex) You’re a lifesaver.

・necessarily:必ずしも~でない、あながち~とはいえない [nèsəsérəli]
  ex) We all think teachers are always right, but it’s not necessarily true.

・entirely:全く、完全に、全体に [entáiərli]
  ex) Although the construction work seems all done, it’s not entirely done yet.

・weathercaster:天気予報アナウンサー [wéðəkɑ̀ːstər]
  ex) The weathercaster is not always sure that there will be a large amount of snow next week.

・passionate:〔人・発言・行為などが〕情熱的な、熱のこもった [pǽʃənət]
・convincing:(形) 説得力のある、納得のいく [kənvínsiŋ]
  ex) Although his speech was very passionate, it was not exactly convincing.

・It kinda is.

・How can that be?

・I’m just not good enough for anything.

・You know what?

・It’s not only that.


【 この文法は、動詞が “be" でなくても同じように使うか?】

【 “so as not to" と “not to" の違い】
  1番の回答) He tried not to get in trouble.
  3番の回答) I asked her not to be late.

【 “financially" の発音】
調べると、US発音として [fənǽnʃəli] と [fainǽnʃəli] の両方があるようで、普段は後者で発音していたが、それで良かったかなぁ?と思い質問
→ それでok




「基本的な “I don’t ~ / They haven’t ~ " とかは学んだよね。さぁ、"not" に関してもっと高度な使い方を学ぼうじゃないか。」



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