多読 30:The Story of Helen Keller (Level:2)


別に「だから特別に」という訳ではなくたまたまだけど、今度は「The Story of Helen Keller」というヘレン・ケラーの人生を物語のようにした伝記の本を読むことにした。
伝記はそんなに好みではないけれど、結構お気に入りになりつつある「Happy Readers」シリーズで、表紙の絵がとても綺麗だったから、ということもあったので。


[シリーズ] Happy Readers
[出版社] Happy House

[総語数] 4629語

知らない or あやふやな単語

・relief:安心、安堵 [rilíːf]
  ex) The little girl almost died. To her parent’s relief, she survived.

・swing:〔弧を描くように~を〕振る、回す [swʌ́ŋ]
  ex) She kicked the table and swung her small fists.

・Institute:協会、機関、学会 [ínstətùːt]
  ex) Dr. Bell told the Kellers about a school for blind children called the Perkins Institute.

・race:競争する、疾走する [réis]
  ex) Helen’s fingers raced over the stranger’s face, clothes, and suitcase.

overcome:克服する、打ち勝つ [òuvərkʌ́m]
・obstacle:障害 [ɑ́bstəkl]
  ex) It is interesting to note that both Helen and Anne had to overcome difficult obstacles in their childhoods.

・take pity on ~:~に同情を示す
  ex) Fortunately, a governmental worker took pity on her.

・restore:元の状態に戻す、修復する [ristɔ́r]
  ex) These operations were successful in restoring most of her sight.

be determined:決心している、覚悟している [ditə́ːrmənd]
  ex) But Anne was determined. “We must show that we love Helen,” she explained. “

・raised dot:(少し突起した)ポッチ、点字の点
  ex) Helen soon understood that the raised dots spelled words.‘ This system was called “Braille.”

・strain:負担、過労 [stréin]
  ex) This was because Anne was feeling the strain of all the reading.

・diploma:卒業証書 [diplóumə]
  ex) Anne watched Helen take her diploma with a deep sense of pride.

・later on:あとで
  ex) Later on, Helen met President Taft again in New York.

・dedicated:献身的な、熱心な [dédikèitəd]
  ex) This was a new organization that was dedicated to helping blind people.

・sensible:良識がある、思慮深い [sénsəbəl]
  ex) Polly was clever, sensible, and joyful.

・daredevil:向こう見ずな人、命知らずな人 [dέədèvəl]
  ex) Because of these stunts, Polly and Anne nicknamed her “Daredevil Helen.”

・congress:会議、総会 ['kɑ́ŋgrəs]
・set aside ~:~を確保する、取っておく
  ex) She was very happy to hear that Congress had set aside money for more books for the blind.

gaze:じっと見る [géiz]
  ex) She would look at a sunset and gaze at the moon and the stars.

・stage play:舞台演技
  ex) She also wanted to see a stage play and a movie.

sadden ~:~を悲しませる [sǽdn]
  ex) The second World War had started and this saddened Helen.

・comfort:慰める、安心させる、楽にさせる [kʌ́mfərt]
  ex) So, Helen went and comforted these men in hospitals all over the country.

・incense burner:香炉 [ínsens] [bə́ːrnər]
  ex) Helen found a carefully wrapped present from Japan. It was a tall incense burner.

・recognition:(重要性・業績・功績などを)認めること [rèkəgníʃən]
  ex) Helen always remembered that all the recognition, honors, and awards she received were because of her Teacher, Anne.