多読 39:The Phantom of the Opera (Level:4)


出版社・シリーズによって英語レベルがめちゃめちゃ違う、eステーションのLevel 4。
そこで、一番気に入っている「Happy Readers」シリーズの「The Scarlet Letter(緋文字)」にしようと思った。
一応、前に読んだのが「The Wizard of OZ(オズの魔法使い)」で子供向けの分かりやすい話だったから、今度はその逆で行こうと思った。

しかもHappy Readersとなると、途端に知らない単語のオンパレード。これはキツイ。

そんな訳であっという間に諦め、代わりに「The Phantom of the Opera(オペラ座の怪人)」にした。

[シリーズ] ラダーシリーズ
[出版社] IBC Publishing

[著者] Gaston Leroux
[総語数] 13010語

知らない or あやふやな単語

・lock:髪の房 [lɑ́k]
  ex) He has no hair either, except for three long, dark locks behind his ears!"

・hat peg:帽子掛け
  ex) Gabriel was so afraid that he jumped up from his chair and hit his head on a hat peg.

  ex) That same evening, Count Philippe de Chagny had brought his younger brother, Raoul, to his private box at the opera.

・in a rush:大急ぎで
  ex) In a rush, the managers told Christine to do it.

・make one’s entrance:入る
  ex) So, you can imagine everybody’s surprise when she made her entrance and sang like an angel.

  ex) “Tonight you made the angels weep."

・deep-set :深く窪んだ
  ex) The man had deep-set eyes, so deep that they looked like two black holes in his head.

  ex) One summer, a little boy who was to grow up to become the Viscount of Chagny came to Perros with his aunt.

・ once and for all :今回限り、これっきり、きっぱりと
  ex) They decided to end the whole idea of the ghost once and for all.

・vivasity:元気、活気 [vivǽsəti]
  ex) She had lost all her cheer, all her vivacity!

・turn away:〔定められた方向から〕それる、外れる
  ex) If I ever look at you and have to turn away, it is not because of your face.

・for good:これを最後に、永遠に
  ex) “We must leave Erik for good!"

・grow excited:気色ばむ、殺気立つ
  ex) Christine grew excited and her eyes shone.

・hold out:腕を伸ばす
  ex) Christine held out her arms and sang the words.

・go wild:狂喜する、激しく怒る
  ex) The whole opera went wild.

・in a fit of madness:錯乱状態で、狂気の沙汰で
  ex) Raoul looked all around him in a fit of madness.

・draw up:車をを止める
  ex) “And did you notice whose carriage had drawn up next to yours tonight?”

  ex) His mind was racing.

  ex) Just when the soldier, armed with a sword, thought he would win, Erik would throw the rope perfectly around the soldier’s neck.

・figure out:解明する、考え出す
  ex) “If you are free to move, my dear, you can get the key, and we will figure out how to get out of here safely!"