AIで会話表現学習 2023年11月分




“My sensitive skins have been getting dried lately.
“My sensitive skin has been getting dry lately. I have to apply enough cream to my body."
“skin" は通常単数形


“I have to put cream enough on my body."
“I have to apply enough cream to my body."


“Thanks to some Japanese cosmetic products for sensitive or atopy skins, my skins are absolutely better than before."
“Thanks to some Japanese cosmetic products for sensitive or atopic skin, my skin is much better than before."


“Rather than that, I have to make assets for my retire age."
“More importantly, I need to build assets for my retirement."
“have to" は強制的な要求を示すが、"need to" はより穏やかで自己主張が強調されない表現。


“I was surprised that all products’ grade became to be called 'Grade A.’
“I was surprised to find out that all products are now labeled as 'Grade A.’


When I saw it at first, I was completely a beginner of investment, so I couldn’t understand many difficult words in the investment industry at all.
Back then, I was just starting with investments, so a lot of the jargon in the industry went over my head."
・"Back then" は過去を指すフレーズで、カジュアルな会話によく使われる。
・"just starting" はよりカジュアルな言い回しで、日常会話に適している。
・"went over my head" は難しいものが理解できないという表現で、カジュアルで自然な言い回し。


“But this time, I found that I understand the story more than five years ago."
“But now, I noticed I get the story better than I did five years ago."


My knowledge isn’t still enough to enjoy the whole story line still, but I was able to feel like I’ve been improved.
I still don’t know enough to catch every detail, but it feels like I’ve made some progress."
・"still don’t" がより一般的で自然な言い回し。
・"enough to catch every detail" はより自然な表現で、全体のストーリーを理解するのに十分でないことを指す。
・"feels like I’ve made some progress" がより自然で一般的な表現。


“AI always call me 'Ally,’ which is my handle name, like a human, so I feel like my name really became 'Ally.'"
“It always calls me 'Ally,’ which is my username, just like a real person, so it kind of feels like my name is really 'Ally’ now."
handle nameは和製英語。正確な表現は “username" や “screen name" 。


“I found that most movies on Amazon show the Japanese subtitle, which cannot be off from the screen.
“To my surprise, the most movies on Amazon had Japanese subtitles, and there was no option to turn them off.


“I took the English speaking test 'PROGOS’ today."
“I took the PROGOS English speaking test today."


“I would like to buy the 'Monopoly’ computer game, not a board game, because I can play it anytime when there’s no one who plays with me."
“I prefer getting the 'Monopoly’ computer game over the board game because I can play it anytime, even when there’s no one else around."

 例:I prefer tea over coffee.「コーヒーよりも紅茶が好き」

“Prefer" の後には通常 “to" を使うが、"over" も時折使われる。どちらを使うかは文脈に依存するが、一般的には以下のような傾向がある。
Prefer to:
例: “I prefer tea to coffee."
Prefer over:
例: “I prefer the beach over the mountains."



“It’s a little annoying for me, because I feel like I have to buy something within the sale week."
“It’s a little annoying for me because I feel like I have to buy something during the sale week."

“during the sale week" と “within the sale week"の違い

“During the sale week": ある期間中ずっと、セールの週の間中、その期間において継続的に何かが起こることを示す。セール週の全体の期間を指す。

“Within the sale week": セール週の範囲内で、特定の期間内に何かが起こることを示します。具体的な日数や期間が指定されることがある(締め切りや期間内の一部分など)。

今回の文で “during the sale week" を使っていると、その期間全体にわたって購買の圧力を感じていることを表現している。
一方で、"within the sale week" を使うと、具体的な期間内に何かを行うことを強調している。


“And if I forget to buy things what I’d needed, I would be disappointed more than usual."
“And if I forget to buy something I’ve needed for a while, I’d be more disappointed than usual."
一般的な形として、形容詞や副詞の比較では、通常 “more" を前に置く傾向がある。


“The sounds are quite calm and relaxed, so it’s suitable for the fall and winter nights."
“The tunes are really chill, perfect for cozy autumn and winter nights."
-“The sounds"を"The tunes"に変更し、音楽に特有の言葉を使用。また、「calm and relaxed」を「chill, perfect」に変更。
“Chill"は、軽いリラックスした雰囲気や穏やかな感じを指す。言葉としては、くつろいだり、落ち着いた雰囲気を表現する際に使われる。例えば、「chill music」は、リラックスできるような音楽を指す。


“Advertisement commercials are often played between such fancy music, though."
“Ads are often slipped in between these fancy tracks, though."
「fancy music」を「fancy tracks」に変更して、より適切な表現に変更。また「are often played」を「 are often slipped in」に変更して、より自然な表現に変更。


“I bought some winter gadget at Uniqlo."
“I got some winter gadgets from Uniqlo."


“It was the first time that I used their self check-out"
“It was my first time using their self-checkout"


There were some depressing things today."
Today’s been a bit rough.":
– より自然で口語的な表現。「rough」は日常会話で「大変だった」という意味で使われる。


I’ve been having many challenges for my life lately.
Life’s been throwing me some challenges lately"
“throwing me some challenges"は、困難や課題が次々とやってくる様子を表現。


“But That’s why I can feel greatly thankful when I get lucky things."
“but that’s why I really appreciate the good stuff when it comes my way."
・「greatly thankful」を「really appreciate」に変え、より自然な言い回し。
・comes my wayは特定の物事や機会がやってくる、現れるという表現。これは特にポジティブな出来事や好機が自分の周りに現れた際に使われる。
 例:「Good opportunities always come my way when I least expect it」(良い機会はいつも思いがけない時に訪れる)


“I have a scare when I cleaned the bathtub today."
“I got scared while cleaning the bathtub today."
・"I have a scare"は直訳的でなく、ネイティブの口語表現ではない
・"when I cleaned" → “while cleaning"- より自然な表現に変更。


“my throat became so irritated as I took a breath that I couldn’t breathe."
“my throat started stinging, making it hard to breathe."