世界横断の旅:the Philippines

今月のテーマ「Share Memories in the Philippines」


It’s bee a while." / “Long time no see!" 「お久しぶりです」
How long has it been?“ 「どのくらいぶりでしたか?」
“It’s been about ten years." 「10年ぶりくらいです」
“It’s been too long!" 「久しぶりすぎですね」
“How have you been?" 「お元気でしたか?」 ※「お元気ですか」ならHow are you

“Do you still live in Manila?"
“Do you still play golf?"
“I sitll go jogging."

“Do you still work at that radio station?"
“Yeah, I still work at that radio station."

“Do you still keep in touch with Taylor?" ※「連絡したか」はget in touch
“Yeah, I still keep in touch with Taylor. She lives in Hawaii now."



Have we meet before?“ 「以前お会いしたことはありますか?」
“Have we worked together before?"

I think we’ve bet before, but I’m Jenny." 
“I think we’ve met at a soccer game."

“We used to got to the same hair salon"
“We used to go to the same swimming school."

聞き覚え・見覚えがある:ring the bell
“Your name rings the bell."
“His name doesn’t really ring the bell." 「あまり聞き覚えがありません」
Does her face ring the bell?
“When I saw him, I thought his face ring the bell."



~したのはいつ・どこでしたか:When/Where was ~
“When was the last time you went abroad?"
“The last time was 2018. I went to the Philippines."

“Where was the last place you used your phone?"
“I don’t really remember." 「はっきり覚えていません」
“Maybe the last place was in the taxi."

“When was the last time you saw a jukebox?"
“I’m not exactly sure." 「はっきりとは分かりません」
“The last time I saw a jukebox was in collage." 「大学の頃でした」



初めての~:one’s first ~
“When was your first English lesson?"
“I don’t really remember. I think it was about 20 years ago."

“Do you remember your first online English lesson?"
“My teacher was a Filipina woman. Her name was Lisa." ※「フィリピン人」を指す場合には、一般的に「Filipino」(男性)や「Filipina」(女性)を使用 (by ChatGPT)

“Do you remember your first part-time job?"
“My first part-time job was at a bookstore."

“This is my first English textbook. I used this in Junior high school."
“What was the name of your first English textbook?"

“When was your first trip abroad?"
“It was 1999. I went to Singapore."



懐かしい:brings back memories
“That brings back memories." 「懐かしいです」
“Doesn’t this bring back memories?" 「これ、懐かしくないですか?」

“This TV show brings back memories."
“This song really brings back memories."
“This is my first baseball glove. This really brings back memories."

“I used to play volleyball."
“I used to love the Beatles. I used to listen to their songs every day." ※really really likeでも可

全然~ではなかった:never used to
“I never used to play on my phone."
“I never used to like English. I used to skip class sometimes. Now, I’m so into learning English."



アレ:that thing
“Who has that thing?"
“What thing?"
“It’s that thing for peeling carrots."
“Do you mean this thing?"

“Did you bring that…whatyoumaycallit (what-you-may-call-it)?"
“I ate ice cream too fast. My head hurts. It’s a…whatyoumaycallit."
“Do you have a…whatyoumaycallit for back pain?"
“Do you mean a pain patch?" ※湿布:pain patch



~が喉まで出かかっている:~ is on the tip of my tongue
“Her name is on the tip of my tongue."
“The name of that Pilipino desert is on the tip of my tongue." ※「スイーツ」をsweetsと言うと形容詞の方を連想してしまいがちなのでdesertの方がベター

なんでしたっけ:what was ~ again?
“What was the name of the Capital of the Philippines again?"

思い出そうとしている:trying to remember?
“Do you know the desert that I’m trying to remember?



「ごめんなさい、~って〇〇でしたっけ?」:Sorry, ~ again?
“Sorry, what was your daughter’s name again?"
“Sorry, what was your dad’s drink order again? Was it iced tea?"
“Sorry, when was his birthday party again? Was it Saturday, or Sunday?"

“Thanks for reminding me." 「思い出させてくれてありがとう」 ※「教えてくれてありがとう」ならtelling

“Where was your hometown again? Was it Cebu?"
“What time was the flight to Manila again?"
“What was tomorrow’s weather forecast again?"



※Do you knowだと「知り合いですか」

ご存知ですか:Have you ever heard of ~
Have you ever heard of a person named 'Kurosawa Akira?'"
Have you ever heard of a food called 'Nama Yatsuhashi?" ※食べ物と分かるようa food calledを入れる

I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never heard of the person. Tell me about that person."