NHKラジオ英会話2022:bring, carry, drive, arrive, reach, turn


~ 「連れてくる」 ~
Bring your girlfriend to the party.
Just bring yourself.
I’ll bring a bottle of wine.

~ 抽象的なものを「もたらす」 ~
bring peace / many problems / 20 dollars a week / many changes

~ ある状態に至らせる ~
bring a war to an end(戦争を終わらせる)
bring the water to a boil(水を沸騰させる)
What brings you here?

~ bring + O + O ~
Bring me some coffee, please.
Bring it to me.
Could you bring me the latest sales report?



~ 「支える」に移動のニュアンスを加える ~
carry a suitcase
always carry a credit card
Mosquitoes carry malaria.
Do you always carry ID on you?



~ 例文 ~
drive the tent pegs into the ground(テントのペグを地面に打ち込む)
be driven by electricity
be driven by jealousy(ジェラシーに突き動かされる)
steam-driven vehicle(蒸気駆動の乗物)

~ 動かす・駆り立てる → 運転する ~
drive a sports car / a taxi
drive you home / to the airport
What kind of car do you drive?

~ drive + O + O ~
drive her mad [nuts]
drive her out of her mind(正気を失わせる)
It drives me crazy.

drive + to不定詞 ~
His wife’s nagging drove him to drink.
Loneliness often drives people to drink.

~ ある場所に追いやる感触 ~
drive him to crime / despair / his death(~に追いやる)
drive him into a corner(窮地に追い詰める)



【到着するという動作 → 自動詞】
※後ろの前置詞:空港など地点として捉えられる場所なら “at"、都市など広さが感じられる場所なら “in"
arrive here / home / at the hotel / in London
arrive from London
We’re scheduled to arrive in New York on Friday morning.
※be scheduled:スケジュールされている



【手を伸ばして対象物にタッチするという動作 → 他動詞(対象物を伴う)】
reach the hotel / London / the top of Mt. Fuji
reach the top shell
reach 70 mph / a peak / my knees
We reached the conclusion that our plan won’t work.



~ 向きを変える、動かす、回す ~
turn a knob / a key / a handle
turn his attention to ~(~に注目する)
turn to page 38
turn it over(ひっくり返す)
turn it inside out(裏表にする)
Turn right at the next light.
Can you turn the table upside down?(逆さにする)
Can I turn the music up a little?
Turn the music down, will you?
turn his head(頭を動かす)

~ turn oen’s head + 〇〇 ~
turn his head around(振り向く)
turn his head away(顔をそむける)
turn his head to the side (横を向く)
turn his head to the right(右を向く)
turn his head from side to side(左右に振る)

~ 動き → 変化 ~
turn sour(酸っぱくなる、ダメになる)
turn pro(プロになる)
Dad turns 60 this year.
turn a bed and breakfast into a café
turn over a new leaf(本のページをめくる → 心を入れ替える)
The leaves are beginning to turn golden.



“His wife’s nagging drove him to drink."
nag:小言を言う [nǽg]

“I think I took a wrong turn somewhere."
take a wrong turn:曲がる場所を間違える

“I entered the address into my phone."
enter the address into one’s phone:携帯に住所を入れる

“It’s a classic."

 "Turn the music down, will you?"

・・・, will you?:・・・してくれない?

“The leaves are beginning to turn golden."

“We are going to bring everything necessary."

“It’s driving me nuts."
drive someone nuts:人をイライラさせる


“Do you always carry ID on you?"