NHKニュースで学ぶ現代英語 2022年6月勉強分②


・We move now to ~:ニュースキャスターが話題を切り替えるときの決まり文句「次は~についてのニュースをお伝えします」
 ex) We move now to the coronavirus situation in Japan. Experts here are offering new advice on face masks.

・social distance:社会的距離・対人距離をとる(動詞)
 ex) They say that applies even when people can’t social distance.

・members of the public:大衆、一般人
・give a reaction:反応する、反応を示す
 ex) Members of the public gave mixed reactions.

・when possible:可能なときには
 ※when necessary:必要なときには
 ex) It’s nearly summer. It gets hard to breathe, so I’d like to take it off when possible.

・give one’s view:~の意見、見解、所感を述べる
 ex) The experts also gave their views on masks for small children.

・aged ~ or older:~歳以上の
 ex) They say it’s time to revive a policy of not expecting preschoolers aged two or older to wear them.


・go up:(建物などが)建つ
・except when ~:~の場合を除いて
 ex) A modern high-rise tower going up near Tokyo usually isn’t a big deal, except when it’s made of wood.

・top out at ~:最高~に達する
 ※物理的な高さだけでなく、金額や何かの数値についても使える。ex) It topped out at 30 degrees Celsius in Tokyo today.
 ex) The eco-friendly structure tops out at 44 meters high.

・meet a standard:基準を満たす
・earthquake resistance:耐震性
 ex) It has a wooden framework that makes the structure more environmentally friendly while meeting standards for earthquake resistance.

・strengthen:強化する [stréŋkθn]
 ex) The wooden pillars and beams used in the frame consist of three layers laminated together to increase strength.

・exposure to ~:~にさらされること
 ex) Special waterproofing technology was applied to prevent swelling from exposure to rain.

・carbon footprint:人や企業の活動によって排出される二酸化炭素の量
・a quarter:4分の1
 ※three quarters:4分の3
・a quarter (of) the size of ~:~の大きさの4分の1
 ex) The reduced use of steel and concrete gives wooden buildings a carbon footprint that’s about a quarter the size of a conventional structure.

外国人観光客の入国 再開へ

 ex) But the country’s prime minister says the easing will be gradual and that there will be conditions.

  ex) From June 10, we will resume accepting foreign tourists on package tours that are accompanied by guides.

・capは:一番上にかぶせる → 上限、頂点
 ※put a cap on:上限を設ける ex) Some politicians want to put a cap on rent prices.
 ex) Ahead of that, Kishida said the current cap on the number of arrivals from overseas will be doubled to 20,000 per day from June 1.

 ex) Under the new scheme, countries and regions will be divided into three categories, depending on their deemed infection risk.

・be exempt from ~:~が免除される
・vaccinate for/against ~:~のワクチンを接種する
 ex) Visitors from the lowest-risk group will be exempt from virus testing and self-quarantine even if they have not been vaccinated for COVID.


・gun lobby:銃(に関する)ロビー団体
・go ahead with ~:~を思い切ってやる、決行する
 ex) America’s biggest gun lobby has gone ahead with its annual meeting just a few hours’ drive from Uvalde.

 ex) The National Rifle Association is hyping the latest firearms and applauding its supporters.

・blame ~:~のせいにする、責任を負わせる」
・massacre:大虐殺 [mǽsəkər]
 ex) But they blamed the massacre and others like it not on guns, but on the people who carried them out.

・the constitutionは:憲法
 ※the right to “keep and bear arms”:『武器を所持し携帯する』権利(アメリカ合衆国憲法の修正第2条に書かれているもの)
 ex) And they stressed, once again, that the constitution grants the right to “keep and bear arms.”

・call on ~:~を求める
 ex) The Biden administration says lawmakers need to act. It called on Congress to pass meaningful gun-control measures.

 ex) I was granted permanent residence last week.(私は先週、永住権を認められた。)

take it for granted that ~:~を当然のことだと思う
 ex) Elderly people tend to take the prioritize for granted.


・red-crowned crane:タンチョウ(ヅル)(頭のてっぺん(crown)に赤い皮膚が露出しているため)
・bundle of joy:喜びの塊 → 赤ちゃん
 ex) Two red-crowned cranes welcomed the rare bundle of joy earlier this month.

 ex) It’s grown quickly under the watchful gaze of its parents and staff at the Hokkaido reserve.

・set eyes on ~:~を見る、~に会う
 ex) Amateur photographers waited patiently to set eyes on the new arrival, finally getting the chance on Thursday.

・avian flu「鳥インフルエンザ
 ex) The reserve had been closed for weeks to contain a potential outbreak of the avian flu.

 ex) “The chick was born safely thanks to the parents’ tireless incubation.

 ※playful:陽気な、元気な、楽しそうな  playfully:ふざけて、冗談半分に
 ex) Visitors say they enjoy watching the fluffy baby spread its tiny wings and playfully run from its parents.