Native Camp スピーキング 1-13 Where? Questions


“Where?" Questions

【Ex Where are you from?:サンプル回答】
I’m from Tokyo. Tokyo is Japan’s capital and it is located in the Kanto region of Central Honshu, next to Tokyo Bay.
You can see a lot of skyscrapers in Tokyo and also there are many tourist spots that attract travelers from all over the world.


【Q1 Where do you live?:サンプル回答】
I am from Manila. Manila is the capital city of the Philippines. There are lots of skyscrapers in my city. The streets are always busy. Many people come here for big international events and concerts.


【Q2 Where do you usually go on weekends?:サンプル回答】
I usually go to the mall on weekends. I shop for clothes and the things I need for the house. I sometimes do window-shopping or stroll around and just enjoy watching people from different walks of life do their shopping.

stroll around:歩き回る、付近を散歩する
people from different walks of life:あらゆる職業・地位の人々、さまざまな立場の人々、社会の各方面の人々
do one’s shopping:買い物をする

【Q3 Where do you go when you meet your friends?:サンプル回答】
I go to the coffee shop when I meet my friends. We enjoy talking about random things over a cup of coffee.

talk about random things:とりとめのない話をする
over coffee:コーヒーを飲みながら

【Q4 Where are you going after this class?:サンプル回答】
I am going to the gym after this class. I will meet my friends there. We do our workouts together. We do yoga and dance classes together, too.

In Japanese schools, there are club activities after classes.

雑貨屋:general store

【Q5 Where did you go on your last vacation?:サンプル回答】
I went to a beautiful beach on my last vacation. I went diving with the local people and enjoyed the good food served in the restaurant. The hotel service was good, and the staff were very accommodating. I want to come back/return for my next vacation.


【Q6 Where are you planning to go for your next vacation?:サンプル回答】
I am planning to go to Australia for my next vacation. I will visit my friends and relatives who have lived there for 10 years. I will also study English in Australia.

【Q7 Where do you usually go when you want to relax?:サンプル回答】
I usually go to the beach when I want to relax. I sit on the shore and listen to the sounds of the waves. It keeps me feel calm and at peace.

at peace:平和に、心穏やかで

【Q8 Where do you usually buy your clothes?:サンプル回答】
I usually buy my clothes in Uniqlo. I buy my clothes there because the quality is good and the price is reasonable.


【Q9 Where do kids hang out these days?:サンプル回答】
Kids these days tend to hang out in coffee shops or eat out at a fast food store. They love to spend time with their friends and talk about anything that’s happening in social media. Only a few kids spend time with their family during their leisure time.

leisure time:暇な時間、自由な時間

【Q10 Where do you want to live in five years? :サンプル回答】
I want to live in Greece for five years from now. Greece is a very beautiful country. I find it peaceful and safe. I am always enthralled by its beautiful beaches and sceneries.

be enthralled by ~:~に魅了される、~に熱中する [enθrɔ́ld]


この「スピーキング」の教材の今進めているあたりは、単純に5W1Hを一つ一つこなしていく感じで、今回の “Where" はちょっと答えにくい質問があるなぁという印象だった。Q4とかQ9とか。

あまりにテキパキし過ぎて、Sample Answerがコピペされることなくどんどん進んでいき、なんとなく勢いに飲まれ「ちょーだい」とお願いしないままレッスン終了。
そこで次のレッスンの際、先生にその話をして残りの設問のSample Answerを貼り付けてもらった。