Native Camp スピーキング 2-2 At the Hospital


自分:Asking to the boy who have a breaking leg
→ 先生が修正: talking to the boy who has a broken leg

【Q1 Who is the man in blue clothes?:サンプル回答】
The man in the blue clothes is a doctor.

服の表現には “in 服" なのをもうすっかり忘れていた。

【Q4 What does she do?:サンプル回答】
She assists/helps the doctor with his work.

先生からの提案:Nurses check the vital signs of patients.

vital sign:生命兆候(血圧、心拍数、呼吸、意識など)

【Q5 Are you afraid to go to the hospital?:サンプル回答】
Yes, I am afraid to go to the hospital because I am afraid of getting a shot and as I don’t like to take medicines.
No, I am not afraid to go to the hospital. Going to the hospital will help me feel better, and my doctor gives me the attention and care I need when I am sick.

自分:I don’t have any injured.
→ 先生が修正:I don’t have any (serious) injury.

他の言い方:severe illness

【Q6 What can you say about a doctor’s job?:サンプル回答】
A doctor’s job is not easy. They work all day and all night just to make sure their patients are okay. They don’t have much time for themselves, and sometimes, they can only get to spend a little time with their families.

conducting surgeries
performing surgeries on patients、
to diagnose the illness/disease of the patient
to prescribe medicine

【Q7 What can you say about the nurse’s job?:サンプル回答】
A nurse’s job is pretty much the same as a doctor’s. They go from room to room to check their patients and give them the medicines they need to take for a certain time. They are always ready when an emergency comes. They take care of the patients like they are family members.

自分:healing patients
→ 先生が修正:taking care of patients

【Q8 Are you afraid of getting shots?】
自分: Blood donation needles are extremely thick.

献血は “extract blood" でもいいとのこと。
The needles used to extract blood are extremely thick.
The needles used for extracting blood are very thick.

【Q9 How often do you see a dentist?】
歯の治療:dental treatment

【Q10 What makes someone afraid to go to the dentist?:サンプル回答】
The needles and the equipment the dentists use scare people from visiting.

先生からの提案:Some dental procedures are too painful for most people to bear.

・自分:whatever I talk to them
→ 先生が修正:"say to" や “tell"

・自分:I thank ~
→ 先生が修正:I’m thankful to ~




しかし、今Native Campでなんだかモメている「同一講師の連続レッスンが不可(60分待ちが必要)」のシステム変更がまさに今日から適用だったはずなのに、なぜかそうなっていなかったので不思議に思った。