Native Camp スピーキング 1-11 Who? Questions


“Who?" Questions

【Example the happiest person in the world:サンプル回答】
A clown is the happiest person because he makes people laugh. I think I’m happy, too.
I have a mom and a dad, a brother and a sister. They are healthy and love me a lot.
We eat out on weekends. I have many friends to talk to and many books to read.

んでもって、 2文目+3文目の趣旨は、「親兄弟に愛され多くの友と本に囲まれ、自分は世界一の幸せ者だ」って話ですかね?

【Q1 the most important person in my life:サンプル回答】
The most important person in my life is my baby. The day he arrived was the happiest day of my life.
His smile can take all my worries away. I would do anything for him.
I could not ask for more than to be by his side always.

【Q2 my best friend:サンプル回答】
〇〇 is my best friend. We always hang out when we are both free from work.
We sometimes eat dinner or watch a movie together. Having a best friend like him/her makes life much easier. No problem is too great, no heartbreak is too painful when we’ve got each other’s back.
Life is more colorful when we’ve got each other!


【Q3 like the most in my family:サンプル回答】
I like my mom and dad the most in my family. We always go to the park when they are not busy with work.

【Q4 my favorite actor/actress:サンプル回答】
Johnny Depp is my favorite actor. He gives life to every character he portrays in his movies.
The Mad Hatter character was one of his best portrayals. He is a very versatile actor.

portrayal:描写されたもの、肖像 [pɔːətréiəl]
versatile:多才な、多芸多才の [və́ːrsətəl]

私の方は、スーパーナイスガイで有名なキアヌ・リーブスを挙げた。先生も同意して、「彼は “heart of gold"」と褒めていた。

heat of gold:優しい人、思いやりのある人

【Q5 respect the most:サンプル回答】
I respect my great-grandfather the most. He helped many abandoned elderly find good and safe homes. He provided them with food and medical care for free.
He received, in kind, donations from the private sector and from good friends who knew him. His good works continue into our generation today.

in kind:同じやり方で
private sector:民間部門


【Q6 Who cooks in my home:サンプル回答】
I cook for myself and for my family. I do the cooking at home.
I love cooking, and I always cook with love. Love is the most important ingredient for any dish that I cook.

でも最近覚えたイディオム"cut corners" を使うことが出来たので満足だった("s" は抜けちゃったけど)。

cut corners:手を抜く、ケチる

【Q7 Who does the dishes at home:サンプル回答】
My younger sister does the dishes at home. She sometimes helps us with other house chores too. When I am not busy doing homework, I help her with the dishes.

do the dishes:皿を洗う

“do the laundry" と同じだったのか。
ずっと昔、ネイティブに洗濯をしたいという際「wash my clothes」と言って大笑いされたエピソードが蘇ってくる・・・。

【Q8 Who does the laundry:サンプル回答】
Mom does the laundry. Sometimes, mom does the laundry during the weekend.
If she’s busy with work, we bring our dirty clothes to a Laundromat and pick it up the next day.

Laundromat:コインランドリー [lɔ́ːndrəmæ̀t]


【Q9 Who cares about me the most:サンプル回答】
I think my husband/wife cares for me the most. S/He is always there when I am not feeling well. S/He cooks food for me and helps me out when I can barely move.

【Q10 Who makes me feel happy:サンプル回答】
My family makes me happy. We always spend time together when mom and dad take a leave from work.
We travel together during summer. We explore new things together.

take a leave from work:仕事の休暇を取る

【Q11 Who makes me sad:サンプル回答】
People talking behind my back makes me sad. It’s a bad feeling when people I consider friends betray me. But I don’t want to fight back.
I just let them do what they want and keep myself busy, so I won’t think of them too much.

talk behind someone’s back:誰かの悪口を言う
fight back:反撃する、抵抗する

「蚊帳の外」が言えず、とりあえず “out of the circle" と言ってみた。
でも後で調べると “out of the loop" と言うらしい。惜しい。

【Q12 Who makes me laugh:サンプル回答】
A funny comedian makes me laugh. He can take all my worries away with his funny actions and jokes. Watching his show makes me feel relaxed and happy.
I sometimes watch his old episodes when I feel so stressed from work.

【Q13 Who gives me good advice:サンプル回答】
My best friend gives me good advice. He knows the best thing to do when I feel sad and upset with all the things that are happening in my life.
He knows what food or what movie makes me feel better. He always tells me to look at the brighter side of every bad situation and not to dwell on the negative things.

dwell on ~:~をくよくよ考える、こだわる

【Q14 Who is the busiest person in my family:サンプル回答】
My dad is the busiest person in the family. He is always facing his computer and answering phone calls even during a meal.
He also travels to different countries a lot. My dad is a busy businessman.

【Q15 Who do I trust the most in my life:サンプル回答】
I trust myself the most. Friends are not always there when you need them. No matter how good you are to other people, they will always look for something bad to say about you.