Native Camp スピーキングテスト日常英会話対策 Part3-2


<Clue Box(ヒント)>
・have a a high-quality camera
・take a clear nature photos
・use facial recognition
・be on 5G network
・download faster
・allow use of more quad band capabilities
・attractive features~
・is such a great plus, because…

The smart for has many features
The smartphone has many features.

For example it has a high quality camera you can take beautiful photos very easily
For example, it has a high-quality camera that allows you to take beautiful photos easily.

And also it’s on 5G Network normally so it’s really useful to download something faster
Also, it’s on 5G network which means it can download fast.

and plus when you want to use the smartphone it has feature recognition. It’s really easy to use it when you want because just you can see the smartphone then immediately it’s unlocked
Additionally, it has facial recognition software. It allows you to unlock your phone by only looking at it.

・"allows 人 to ~" という表現は、口語でも使うものか?
 ⇒ こういう「機能を説明する」という時にはこの表現を使うのが一般的。他にも"enable" など。

・"download" の後ろにオブジェクトは要らないのか?
 ⇒ 不要

・feature [fíːtʃər]
・recognition [rèkəgníʃən]

“I really like the features of this new phone. It was designed to work with five G networks, so it’s very fast. The built-in camera is able to take very high-quality pictures, but my favorite feature is the facial recognition. I am always forgetting my password, but with the facial recognition, I can unlock my phone just by looking at it. It also makes it much more difficult for anyone else to use my phone."


<Clue Box(ヒント)>
・enjoy eating
・junk food
・be fit
・win a marathon
・change one’s habits
・start working out
・be in good shape

the boy used to have Jack food he loved it
The boy was addicted to eating junk food.

but he got the sick and he changed his habit he started working out and he tried to have healthy food
So, he changed his bad habit and started to exercise and have a balanced diet.

then he becomes to be in good shape and now a few months later he won the marathon
As a result, he started to be in good shape. A few months later, he won the marathon.

・"used to ~" はポジティブな話に使う。今回は悪い習慣についてなので “be addcted" (love ~は含まれるので不要)

・"balanced diet" :プロテインをとったり量を考えたりするような食生活にはこの表現を使う

The man loved to eat junk food like hamburgers, hot dogs, and French fries. It made him sick, and he ended up in the hospital. After he got out of the hospital, he started exercising and eating healthier. A few months later, he was in such good shape that he won a marathon."

・(修正してくれた文)These days, we have been having rainy days.
・pluviophile:雨好きな人、雨や雨降りの日に喜びを感じる人 [plùːviːɑ́ː fὰɪl]
 ( pluvio:雨の + phile:~が好きな人 先生も私もpluviophile。)



それまでは、次はFree Conversationにしようかと思っていたけれど、M先生ならスピーキングテスト対策がピッタリだ!と思い、急遽こちらに変えた。