Native Camp スピーキング 1-3 Which Do You Like Better? Why?


Which Do You Like Better? Why?

【Pizza vs.Hamburgers:サンプル回答】
I like hamburgers because a pizza has too many strange flavors and is too messy. Pizza is also more expensive.


・ジャンクフード:junk food(同じ)
・slice of pizza を習った

※(後で自分で確認)pizzaの数え方はケーキと同じ、丸々全体は a/one pizza や two pizzas、切ったものはa/one piece/slice pizza や two pieces/slices pizza


【Summer vs. Winter:サンプル回答】
I like summer because I can go to the beach and have fun with my friends. Winter makes the seawater icy and too cold to swim in.

<表現CHK> swim in

【Cars vs. Trains:サンプル回答】
I like cars because it spares me from being trapped in a crowded train. It also takes me to work on time.


【Dogs vs. Cats:サンプル回答】
I like dogs because they can do tricks for me, and we can play around the park when I get home from work/school. Cats can’t play catch, and they don’t like to take a bath.

do trick:芸をする
play catch:キャッチボールをする

【Coffee vs. Tea:サンプル回答】
I prefer coffee to tea because it keeps me awake at work. Its aroma is really good compared to tea.

<表現CHK> keeps me awake
aroma:〔心地良い〕香り、匂い、芳香 [əróumə]

【Paper Books vs. E-books:サンプル回答】
I prefer reading a physical book because it helps me sleep at night. E-books can make my eyes very tired and expose them to more blue light.

<表現CHK> physical book
expose ~:~をさらす

【Smartphones vs. Tablets:サンプル回答】
I like using smartphones because it has everything that I need. I can watch movies, listen to music and upload photos on Facebook anytime, anywhere. Moreover, it’s much handier than a tablet.
A tablet has a wider screen than a smartphone but it won’t fit inside my pocket.


【Taking Private Lessons vs. Group Lessons:サンプル回答】
I like taking group lessons because it allows me to interact with new people and to make new friends.
I can share my ideas while at the same time learn something from them. Taking private lessons can be boring.

interact:相互に作用する、影響しあう [ìntərǽkt]
while at the same time:一方でそれと同時に

【Living by Yourself vs. with Your Family:サンプル回答】
I like living alone because it helps me think deeply and I can get to relax when I have a bad day at work/school.
Sometimes living with my family makes it more difficult for me to think and concentrate on something because they talk too loud or sometimes my little brother disturbs me when I’m working/studying.

get to ~:~の状態になる

鶏の鳴き声:I can hear chickens clucking.
犬の吠え声:I can hear the dog barking.

【Watching TV at Home vs. Watching a Movie in a Theater:サンプル回答】
I like watching TV at home because it saves me from standing for a long time in a long queue, waiting for my turn to get a ticket. Watching a movie in a theater is also a bit expensive, and you get distracted by people who talk loudly during the movie.


【Reading a Book Alone vs. Hanging Out with Friends:サンプル回答】
I like reading a book because its story could take me to its fantastic world. I could picture out a certain scene and imagine how the characters talk with each other. Hanging out with friends is also good, but sometimes, you just need time to be on your own and enjoy your own company.

on one’s own:ひとりで


しかもその合間のレッスンでは、教材をやるつもりが結局おしゃべりのFree Conversationになったり、というのがあったり。