Native Camp スピーキング 1-2 What’s the Difference?


What’s the Difference?

【Pens vs. Pencils:サンプル回答】
Pens are made of metal or plastic. Pens use ink to write. The ink comes out of the ball-pointed tip.
Pencils are usually made from wood. Its tip is made of lead or graphite and, usually, on its end is an eraser. We also use pencils to draw or sketch. Though writing can be easily erased with an eraser, it is resistant to moisture.

pointed:尖った [pɔ́intid]
tip:先端 [típ]
graphite:黒鉛 [grǽfait]
resistant:抵抗力のある、耐久性のある [rizístənt]

【Clocks vs. Watches :サンプル回答
A wall clock is displayed on walls. It is usually large and easy to see.
A wristwatch is a small watch that is attached to a strap, and we wear on our wrist. It tells us the time.

<表現CHK> tells us the time

【 Tap Water vs. Bottled Water:サンプル回答
Bottled water – it doesn’t go through the filtration process instead they treat the water. We can drink bottled water and we can buy them at the store. It is more expensive than Tap water.

filtration:濾過 [filtréiʃən]
<自分の回答を修正してもらった> filters all the dirt and bacteria
<自分の回答を修正してもらった> It safe for drinking.

※1文目、 文頭や文末でない “instead" がちょっと分からないが、「濾過はしていないが、代わりに処理をしている」でいいの・・・?

【 Cash vs. Credit Cards:サンプル回答
Some people use cash for buying things in a shop or paying bills. You can only have a limited amount of cash in your pocket.
Some people use credit cards instead of cash to buy something they will pay for in the future.

<自分の回答を修正してもらった> Made of paper it has worth and valuable.
<自分の回答を修正してもらった> Many shops prefer cash to credit cards. They can get and use the real money immediately.
<自分の回答を修正してもらった> We should be careful in handling the cash and it should not get wet to avoid damage.
<自分の回答を修正してもらった> made from plastic there is chip which contains digital information
<自分の回答を修正してもらった> Within the limit we can buy anything we want. Later we need to pay the bank, it is a kind of loan.

【 Escalators vs. Elevators:サンプル回答
People stand on them and are moved from one floor to the next, while elevators are closed cabins inside vertical shafts that are used to transport people between different floors in high rise buildings.

cabin:客室、小屋 [kǽbin]
vertical:垂直の [və́ːrtikəl]
shaft:(エレベーターなどの)シャフト [ʃǽft]
high rise:高層の

<自分の回答を修正してもらった> An escalator is a set of stairs that moves by using electric power.
<自分の回答を修正してもらった> The purpose is to move people from one point to another.

【 Fans vs. Air Conditioners:サンプル回答
Fans are an inexpensive way of cooling a room while an air conditioner can make your power bill increase, however, it’s more effective in cooling a hot room quickly.

Air conditioners can make us both warmer and cooler while fans only bring cooler air. Fans are mostly used in summer while air conditioners are used throughout the year.


power bill:電気料金
in ~ing:~する時

【 Sushi vs. Sashimi:サンプル回答
Sushi and sashimi are both Japanese dishes. Sushi is cold rice dressed in vinegar and topped with small bits of raw seafood, egg, or vegetables while Sashimi is thinly sliced raw meat—usually fish, such as salmon or tuna.

dressed in ~:~を着ている、~を身に着けている
topped with ~:~でトッピングする
bits of ~:~の破片

<自分の回答を修正してもらった> wasabiは “spicy" で “it burns in your mouth."
<自分の回答を修正してもらった> rectangular-shape 長方形の [rektǽŋgjələr]

【 Smartphones vs. Tablets:サンプル回答
Tablets are a cross between smartphones and laptops, have a bigger screen than smartphones and provide a better multimedia experience.
Smartphones are mobile phones that have capabilities of mini handheld computers.

multimedia:複合媒体 [mʌ̀ltimíːdiə]
capability:能力、機能 [kèipəbíləti]
<自分の回答を修正してもらった> handy 役に立つ、扱いやすい

【 Paper books vs. E-books:サンプル回答
A physical book is printed on paper. The pages are bound together and the book has either a hard cover or soft cover (paperback).
An e-book is a digital or electronic book that is formatted into a file that can be read on an e-reader device like a smartphone or tablet.

bound together:結び付けられている
e-reader :電子書籍リーダー

【 TVs vs. Newspapers:サンプル回答
TV records their information using imagination and colorful colors that catch the viewers’ attention.
Newspaper have words, sentences, paragraphs, and columns but little images and usually in black and white.

<表現CHK> catch the viewers’ attention
<表現CHK> little ~



最初はフィリピンの O 先生で、発音のクセはなかなかのものだったが、こちらが延々としゃべることの多くを頑張ってタイプしてくれた。