Native Camp スピーキング 1-1 What Is This and What Is It For?


What Is This and What Is It For?

This is a laptop. People use it to communicate with people around the world. Businessmen use a laptop for presentations. Students also use them in school for research and to aid their study.

・aid ~:~を援助する

This is a dictionary. We use it to find meanings of words and how to pronounce them correctly.

This is an alarm clock. We use it to wake us up on a specified time or when we are taking naps.

・specified :指定の、特定の

This is a smartphone. A smartphone is a device we use daily which makes it possible for you to speak to someone in another place who has a similar device. We can also access social networking sites in the palm of our hands or take pictures and play games from various apps.

・<表現CHK>make it possible to ~
・<表現CHK> in the palm of someone’s hand:〔道具・小動物などが〕(人)の手のひらに乗る[収まる]大きさだ
・<表現CHK>play games from apps

This is a vacuum cleaner. It is used to suck up dust and dirt from floors and from other surfaces such as upholsteries and draperies.

・掃除機:vacuum cleaner
・suck up ~ from ・・・:~を・・・から吸い上げる
・upholstery:椅子張り [ʌphóulstəri]
・drapery:カーテン [dréipəri]

This is a bicycle. It can be used for recreational and transport purposes.

・recreational:レクリエーションの、気晴らしの [rèkriéiʃənəl]

This is an electric fan. We use it most on a hot day to keep us nice and cool.

・扇風機:electric fan
・<表現CHK>keep us nice and cool

This is a remote controller. It is used to operate a device, such as a DVD or TV wirelessly from a short distance.

・<表現CHK>operate a device
・ <表現CHK>from a short distance