Native Camp トピックトーク13 Friendship and Romance


・friendship between men and women:男女の友情
  ex) The friendship between men and women is great.

・have feelings for / be attracted to:(人)に好意がある
  ex) He has feelings for her.
  ex) He is attracted to her.

・be fascinating:魅力的だ
  ex) Scarlett Johansson is fascinating. [ˌjoˈhɑnsʌn]

・relationship evolves into a romance:関係が恋愛に発展する [róumæ̀ns]
  ex) In this movie, the relationship between the boy and the girl evolves into a romance.

・one-sided love / unrequited love/ unrequited feeling:片思い
  ※unrequited:一方的な、報われない [ʌ̀nrikwáitəd]
  ex) He has been one-sided love for a long time.
  ex) The unrequited love/feeling ended with a happy endding.

・be not aware of one’s feeling:気持ちに気づかない
  ex) She isn’t aware of his feelling.

・pretend to (do):~(する)ふりをする
  ex) She pretended not to be aware of his feeling.

・make excuses (for…):言い訳をする
  ex) He made excuses for his tardiness. [tɑ́ːrdinəs]

・cheat on one’s wife / husband / boyfriend / girlfriend:浮気する=交際相手をだます
  ex) He confessed that he cheated on his girlfriend.

・platonic relationship:(性的な関係のない)プラトニックな関係
  ex) We are having platonic relationship.

・mutual:相互に関係のある、両想いの [mjúːtʃuəl]
  ex) I’m happy our feeling is mutual.

・be in love with ~:~に恋して
  ex) Have you ever been secretly in love with your friend?

・in a relationship:交際して
  ex) I’m in a relationship with him.

  ex) What counts as cheating?


・friendship between men and women
  “Some doubt there is true friendship between men and women."

・have feelings for / be attracted to
  “Tess is easily attracted to kind and quiet guys."

・be fascinating
  “Laura is fascinating to watch."

・relationship evolves into a romance
  “Their close friendship slowly evolved into love."

・one-sided love / unrequited love/ unrequited feeling
  “It is painful to have unrequited feelings for his friend."
  "Mark has had a one-sided love for Len’s sister for many years."

・be not aware of one’s feeling
  “Reina was not aware of her feelings until it was too late."

・pretend to (do)
  “She pretended to be okay before her friends."

・make excuses (for…)
  “Andrew made excuses for not attending Yuna’s party."

・cheat on one’s wife / husband / boyfriend / girlfriend
  “Ben found himself cheating on his wife for his friend."

・platonic relationship
  “Ken valued their platonic relationship a lot."

  “After Ron and Lisa realized their feelings were mutual, they started going out."

どれもとても良い例文だと思った。私が予習で考えた、"He" とか “She" とかだけのテキトーな文とは全然違う。。。

【 “a one-sided love" はなぜ “an one-sided love" ではないのか?】
先生がタイプしてくれたサンプル文(↑)の中で、 “one-sided love" の例文
“Mark has had a one-sided love for Len’s sister for many years."
は、なぜ “an one-sided love" ではないのか?と質問した。
私としては “one" が母音だから “an" だと思ったので。

先生の答え(と思われる内容)は、 “love"は数えられるからナントカで・・・、というものだったので、「いや、違う、そうじゃなくて」と、何が不明なのかを一生懸命説明してみたがどうも伝わらないようだったので諦めた。


“o" が “w" の音になるときには “a" を使うという例外がある




ただ、上に書いた通り “an one-sided love" の冠詞ルールは知らなかった。