Native Camp トピックトーク3 Dieting and Relapse


  ex) She looks better for her dieting.

・relapse:悪い状態へ逆戻りする(=リバウンドする) [rilǽps]
  ex) I’m sorry that you relapsed on your dieting.

・go on a diet / dieting:ダイエットする
  ex) I think I should go on a diet from tomorrow. / How long have you been dieting for?

・make every effort to~:~しようと努力する
  ex) I made every effort to go on a diet.

  ex) I’m disappointed at the extreme increase in my weight.

・carbohydrate:炭水化物 [kɑ̀rbouháidreit]
  ex) She said that she avoids carbohydrates.

  ex) Keep away from fatty foods.

・restrain (oneself) from ~ing:~するのを我慢する
  ex) She can’t restrain herself from eating sweets.

・all of (the efforts) will be wasted.:(努力)が無駄になる
  ex) If you eat sweets, all of your efforts to diet will be wasted.

・be off (one’s) guard:油断する
  ex) Don’t be off your guard.

・have a strong / weak self-control:意思が強い / 弱い 
  ex) She has a weak self control.

・yo-yo dieting (weight cycling):ヨーヨーダイエット
  ex) I won’t do yo-yo dieting anymore.

・fight temptation:誘惑と戦う
  ex) It’s hard for me to fight temptation of coffee.

・give in to temptation:誘惑に負ける
  ex) I was determined not to give in to temptation.


・discipline:(人)が自己管理できるようにする [dísəplin]
  ex) I’m trying to discipline myself to eat less candy.