【Fiji】Communicate with kids in Fiji


It’s on the right / your right.
It’s on the other side of this parking lot. ※~の向こう側:the other side of ~


What floor is the pool on? ※「どこですか」は最後にonをつける
It’s at the end of the hall / hallway.

There it is! / There they are! 「あった!」
There you are! 「いた!」


How far is the festival from here?
Just turn right at that intersection. ※交差点:intersection
The cross walk is over there. ※横断歩道:cross walk
It’s at the end of this trail. ※山道:trail


I got lost.
Did you get lost?

We got split up.
If we get split up, let’s meet up here at four. ※待ち合わせる:meet up


About what time does it get dark in Fiji?
It’s getting dark now. 「もう暗くなってきました」
Let’s go home before it gets dark.

It’s getting late. Good night.


Are you gonna be okay? / Are yo okay? 「大丈夫そうですか?」
※明らかにokじゃない時に"Are you okay?"は不適切
I’m gonna be okay. 「大丈夫そうです」

I got a little seasick.
I might throw up. [θróu]
Just take a deep breath and relax.
Did your friend get carsick?
You are gonna be okay. 「大丈夫ですよ」

I got a little light-headed. ※クラクラする:light-headed
motion sickness:乗り物酔い

I hope you feel better.


Let’s take a quick bio-break here. 「ここでちょっとトイレ休憩をとりましょう」 
※トイレ休憩(の遠回しな表現):bio-break 最近普及しつつある表現(オンライン会議など)水分補給、コーヒー類のお代わり、など自分の身体を大事にするニュアンス
Would you like to take a bio-break at this rest stop? ※サービスエリア:(米)rest stop

Do you need to go potty? (子供に)「トイレに行きたい?」 ※(子供の言い方で)トイレに行く:go potty
Can you hold it? / Can you wait? 「ガマンできる?」 ※(子供の言い方で)トイレを我慢する:hold it
I can’t hold it. It’s an emergency. 「ガマンできない」
I can holt it. I’m fine.


You wanna see this movie? ※do/doesは省略
We don’t wanna disturb other people, so we shouldn’t play tag here. ※邪魔をする:disturb 鬼ごっご:tag
Did you put away your toys? Put away your phone.
Say sorry to your brother.
Play nicely. 「お行儀よく遊んでね」