今月のテーマClimb the Ladder in India」


“I used to work for a Japanese bank."
“Now, I’m working for an Indian bank." ※現在形・進行形のどちらでもok
“I used to worked in the accounting (department)." ※「部」を強調したければdepartmentを入れる
“Now, I’m working in the sales department."
“I’m originally from Sapporo. ※originally from ~:もともとは~出身である



挨拶:How ~ doing/going
“How are you doing?" ※doingを付けることで温かみのある表現になる
“How’s your new job going?" ※goingを付けることで進捗や状況を尋ねられる
“How’s everything going the other day?"

挨拶:be looking forward to ~ing
“I’m looking forward to seeing the factory in Mumbai." ※Mumbai [mʊˈmbaɪ]
“I’m looking forward to working with all of you, too." 「こちらこそ~」
“I’m looking forward to seeing you at the reception area at ten." ※I’m waiting for youは最速のニュアンスがあるので避ける

挨拶:be exited to ~
I’m excited to meet your team. 「すごく楽しみです」 ※「すごく」を表すときはbe looking forward toよりbe exited to



“My email address starts with my family name." ※国によって苗字と名前の順が異なるのでlast nameよりfamily name
“How should we address each other?" ※お互いに呼び合う:address each other [ədrs] callだと電話と間違いやすい
At the office, We address each other by our family names." ※my companyは経営者でないと使えない場合が多い
“We address each other by our given names." ※これも苗字と同じ理由でgiven name
“My English name is Taylor. Just call me by English name, Taylor."



“I’ll introduce you to a member of our team." ※スタッフ:team(staffはstuffと混同しやすいので)
We have a team of seven people.
“I’ll introduce you to our branch manager." ※支店長:branch manager
“The sales manager left last month." ※退職はquitよりleaveの方がソフト



・今から:now ※fromは不要
・これからは:from now on
・~(今日、来月など)からは:starting today/next monthなど ※from today/next monthというと未完成な文章に聞こえる(続けてuntil ~と聞きたくなる)

“I’m going to the bank now."
Now, Mr. Sato will give a presentation about the Japanese market.

From now on, Let’s use this software."

Starting today, we can use join meetings remotely."
Starting next month, we can’t work from home."



まずabout / regarding / for などを言う
“About our logo….which should we add more colour?"
“About the meeting…can I see the presentation materials in advance?"
“About your outfit…it might be a little too flashy." ※派手:flashy
“About the back of your business card…should we put some information on the back? Or should it be blank? Would you like to put your picture on your business card?"
“About your business card…how many should we print?"



“Let’s do everything at once."
“It’s more efficient."

“Let’s move forward step by step."
It’s easier to organize things/everything.“ 「その方が色々整理しやすいです」

Let’s not rash.“ 「急がないようにしましょう」
It’s better to plan carefully."

“Let’s start selling our products in Asia first."
“I think there will be a little less risk." 「その方が比較的リスクが少ないと思います」 ※比較的~が少ない:a little ~

“Let’s open the branch in Kuala Lumpur."
“There will be a little less competition."



“Shall we go to the conference/meeting room?"
“Shall we talk about the contract now?"

Thank you for your valuable time.“ ※valuable [vǽljəbl]
I know you must be busy, but may I ask you a question?" 「お忙しいとは思いますが・・・」

“You mentioned our branch in Malaysia."
“You mentioned our factory in Vietnam. Shall we talk about it now?"

“I understand the issue. So, what should we do?"
What do YOU suggest?

“I understand the team’s concern. What should we do?"
“What does the team suggest?"



There’s one concern about remote work." 「リモートワークについて気がかりなことが一つあります」 ※I haveだと個人的なニュアンス
“There’s one concern about our sales strategy."
“We only sell our products domestically now."
Maybe we should sell in Europe, too."

There’s one concern about the manual. It’s pretty long and complex." ※複雑な:complex [kɑmplks]
“Maybe we should talk to our layer about it." 「その件についてうちの弁護士と相談した方がいいかもしれません」

Does anyone have any questions or concerns?
If you have any questions or concerns, just send me an email.



It hasn’t sunk in yet.“ 「まだ実感がありません」 ※inを上げる
“I have a peek-a-boo view of the ocean." ※peek-a-boo:いないいいないばあ
“Is working at a MNC prestigious?:" ※MNC:Multinational National Corporation 多国籍企業  prestigious:一流の