Native Camp スピーキングテスト日常英会話対策 Part3-3


<Clue Box(ヒント)>
・open the lid and place the paper filter
・add water accordingly
 ※ accordingly:適切に
・measure the required amount of coffee with a scoop
・pour cold water into the reservoir
 ※ reservoir:〔液体などを入れておく〕容器、タンク [rézərvwɑ̀r]
・turn on coffee maker
・wait approximately five minutes until it’s done brewing

please open the lid and place the paper filter then major the required amount of coffee with a scoop Plus at the water accordingly

close the lid and the channel coffee maker then just turn on coffee maker and wait approximately 5 minutes until it’s done Brewing
Close the lid press the on button of the coffee maker. Wait approximately 5 minutes until its done brewing.

・add (atにならないように)
・measure [méʒər] “d"音が入ってしまう / major [méidʒər] は “d" 音が入る方

・brewing [brúːiŋ]

“First, I need to insert a new coffee filter into the basket. Then, I can measure the coffee and add the correct amount. Then, fill the water reservoir with clean, fresh water. Now we’re ready to go. Just turn the coffee maker on, wait five minutes, and pour yourself a nice, fresh cup of coffee. It’s a great way to start your day."

<Clue Box(ヒント)>
・be supposed to bake chicken
・forget the time
・play video game
・smell smoke
・burnt chicken
・be disappointed
・try to explain what happened to (someone)

the man is supposed to take chicken he put the chicken in the oven

but he forgot the time and played video game
he forgot the time because he played a video game.

then it smelled smoke so he opened the door and he found the burnt chicken
then he smelled smoke, so he opened the oven and he found the burnt chicken

Everyone got disappointed and the boy has to try to explain what UND
Everyone got disappointed and the boy tried to explain what happened.

・"It smelled smoke" とは言わないものか?
 ⇒ 言わない。"He smelled smoke" になる。

・"he found the burnt chicken" は “he found the chicken burnt" でもOKか?
 ⇒ No。burntは動詞なので。形容詞ならok

“The man was supposed to bake the chicken for forty minutes. He started playing a videogame and forgot about the food. One hour later, he smelled smoke and when he took the chicken out of the oven it was burnt. His family was not happy with the meal.

・(修正してくれた文)Some places in Canada have been devastated by disasters.
 ※ devastated :非常にショックを受けた、打撃を受けた
 ※ devastate:〔人の気持ちに〕打撃を与える、〔物や場所を〕徹底的に破壊する [dévəstèit]
・ (修正してくれた文) Even until now, many people have been stuck and are still waiting for rescue.



最近はずっとClue Boxを先に確認して、その文言を使って回答するようにしているので、だいぶ回答しやすくなった。
でも今回の1問目はヒントを見たって難しい!"reservoir" なんて、発音も出来ないし、そもそも単語自体見たことも聞いたことも無い。