Native Camp スピーキングテスト日常英会話対策 Part2-4

Part2の模擬問題(イラストを見て質問に答える )復習

<Clue Box(ヒント)>
・be (not) sure
・be an astronaut [ǽstrənɔ̀t]
・doesn’t know (yet)
・in the future
・no idea
・be undecided

there are three students talking about the year future
The three students are talking about their future.

one girls is talking that she sure that she want to be a nurse
The girl is sure that she wants to be a nurse.

and boy in the middle one of the astronaut in the future
The boy in the middle wants to be an astronaut.

but there are third student in the right isn’t sure and has no idea what he want to be in the future he hasn’t been on decided yet
But the third student is still undecided about what he wants to be in the future.
The last boy still has no idea what he wants to be in the future.

・最後の文は現在完了形にしたのだが("hasn’t been")合っているのか?
 → イラスト描写では過去から現在までの状況は問われていないので使わない。現在形、または過去形で答える。

・"in the future" を繰り返す必要は無い

“One wants to be a nurse. One wants to be an astronaut. The other is not sure."


<Clue Box(ヒント)>
・drink some spoiled milk
・need to use ~
・feel sick
・make (one) feel ~
・sore stomach / stomachache
・after drinking

He drunk some spoiled milk
OK (でもdrunk→drankだった)

after drinking he felt sick he got stomachache
He started having sore stomach/ stomachache.

and he now needs to use a toilet

・"toilet" より “washroom" の方が良い?
 → (回答がちょっとよく理解できず。とりあえず)"toilet" で良い。

“He drank some spoiled milk, and then felt very sick and needed to use the bathroom."

<Clue Box(ヒント)>
・put (something) outside
・hung the laundry
・get wet
・it started raining
・while ~
・do the laundry

she is the laundry in the she tried to put clothes outside
The woman hung her laundry outside.

why are hanging the laundry it started raining now how laundry got to wait
While she’s hanging her laundry, it started raining. So they all got wet.

“hang" [hǽŋ] / “hung" [hʌ́ŋ](過去・過去分詞)

“The weather was nice when she put the laundry outside, but then it started to rain."



やっぱり先にClue Boxの内容を見てそれに沿って回答してしまうと、難易度が下がる・・・。