Native Camp 文法中級の総まとめ ⑦ 分詞


※洋服は “in" で、身に付けている物(眼鏡やネクタイ等)は “with"

<教材:中級17, 中級18>
“The boy digging a hole is William."
“The man greeting the woman is Taro."

<教材:中級17, 中級18>
“I recognize the girl in a polka-dot skirt."
“I admire the man in a fancy car."
“I recognized the lady in a gray shirt."

<教材:中級17, 中級18>
“I defeated the man with an unpleasant smile last year."
“They built a house with a red roof."
“She likes shoes with very high heels."
“The man with the red tie is my boss."
“The lady with the glasses is Rachel."



<教材:中級61, 中級65>
“I was busy today folding and ironing clothes."
“A huge typhoon hit the city causing untold damage."
“I think she hurt her leg from falling down the stairs."

知覚動詞(原型不定詞) + O + 現在分詞


「知覚動詞(原型不定詞) + O + 現在分詞」
<教材:中級60, 中級65>
“I saw him getting into a cab with a good-looking girl."
“I heard her talking about it last week."
“She found her scarf hanging on a tree."
“I smelled smoke coming from the factory."
“I felt sleet falling on my head."
“The police caught gang members selling illegal drugs."

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