Native Camp 文法中級の総まとめ ④ 関係詞


主格(人):who / that
主格(物・動物):which / that
目的格 (人):who  ※本来はwhomだが口語では使われない / that
目的格(物・動物):which / that
所有格:whose / of which

<教材:中級9, 中級10, 中級12>
“She is the one who moved into the blue house."
“He is the most intelligent man (that) I’ve ever met." ※省略可

<教材:中級9, 中級10, 中級12>
“This is the postcard that came this morning."
“He found the popular café that/which was in the guidebook."
“He was wearing the jacket that/which was on sale in the store."

<教材:中級9, 中級10, 中級12>
“She is the girl who I met yesterday."
“The gathering was held by the refined lady who I used to work with."
“Is that the gorgeous girl who you want to hang out with?"

<教材:中級9, 中級10, 中級12>
“I tasted the drink that he was talking about."

<教材:中級11, 中級12>
“He is the man whose bank was robbed."
“I have friends whose families are very wealthy."

先行詞を含んだ関係代名詞 “what"

<教材:中級13, 中級15, 中級18>
“I don’t understand what you are talking about."
“I wonder what happened to him."
“I don’t know what you mean."
“That’s what he told me."


場所:where / 時:when  /  理由:why  /  方法:how
(全て that で置き換え可能)
先行詞(the place等)か関係副詞か、どちらかを省略可、ただしhowは先行詞(the way)か関係副詞のどちらかを必ず省略しなければならない

<教材:中級13, 中級15, 中級18>
“I know where he is."
“That’s where they met 15 years ago."

<教材:中級14, 中級15, 中級18>
“Do you know when he will be released?"
“That’s when they met."

<教材:中級13, 中級15, 中級18>
“I don’t understand why his family is so optimistic."
“That’s why they go to the beach."

<教材:中級14, 中級15, 中級18>
“I don’t know how the police arrested the bad guy."
“That’s how you analyze things."
“That’s how he lost his extra weight."


<教材:中級34, 中級38>

Wh-everNo matter wh-
何でもWhatever I eat, I get fat.No matter what I eat, I get fat.
いつでもWhenever I go, the store is closed.No matter when I go, the store is closed.
どこでもWherever I go, I see him.No matter where I go, I see him.
誰でもWhoever I bring, they’re not happy.No matter who I bring, they’re not happy.
どちらでもWhichever dress you wear, you look great.No matter which dress you wear, you look great.
どんなでもHowever I talk to her, we fight.No matter how I talk to her, we fight.

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