Native Camp スピーキング 1-19 Make a Question Starting with How


Make a Question Starting with “How"

【Q4 It takes almost two hours from Narita to Tokyo by train.:サンプル回答】
How long does the train ride from Narita to Tokyo take?
How many hours does it take to get to Tokyo from Narita by train?

train ride:列車に乗ること、列車への乗車

【Q5 I usually travel three or four times a year.:サンプル回答】
How frequently do you travel in a year?

【Q6 I feel much better.:サンプル回答】
How do you feel?
How was it?

“How was it?" も " How do you feel? " と同じ意味になるとのこと。

【Q8 I will work hard to reach my goals in life.:サンプル回答】
How can you find fulfillment?
How will you find satisfaction in life?


【Q9 It was a great deal – I bought this shirt for 5 dollars.:サンプル回答】
How was the deal for the shirt?

【Q10 It was great. I visited my friends in Tokyo and we had a lot of fun at Tokyo Disneyland.:サンプル回答】
How did you find your trip to Tokyo?



昨日の"when" の質問と比べるとずっと答えやすかくスムーズだった。
私はどうも “when" クエスチョン作成が苦手らしい。