Native Camp Free Conversation (日記で発音練習)

A先生との発音レッスン 復習


Preparations for the trip bothered me. The followings were the unusual arrangements I was required before boarding.

・Vaccination Certificate of Covid-19
・PCR test negative certificate within 72 hours of entry
・Registering information to some dedicated apps

Getting the vaccination certificate was the easiest among them. I filled out the form and sent it to the municipality (not online, by mail!). The PAPER of the certificate was sent to me soon. Only a few might have wanted to go abroad.

【 ポイント 】
・関係代名詞のwhich / that は基本どちらでも良いが、先行詞に強調が含まれる場合はthatが好まれる
 (all, every, first など)
 ex) Is that all the work (that) you’ve done?
・municipalityの発音 [mjuːnìsəpǽləti] 「ミュ」というよりは「ユ」に近い
・前回の “tion" の口の形:とがる感じ(アヒル口)で「ウ」を言うような 頬骨の奥が中に入るような
・前回の、語尾 “n" の場合の口は閉じない "m" は閉じる
・"wanted to go abroad" の “wanted to" の発音:"ted" は発音しないが “to" は小さく発音する
 ("want to" も同じ)