Native Camp 文法中級35 条件・譲歩を表す接続詞:even if / unless / once / as long as


 Once I get there, everything will be okay.
 I won’t go to my car unless I need something.

Even if ~ (例え~だとしても)
  ex) Even if you need money, you must not steal it from others.

Unless ~ (~しない限りは)
  ex) Unless you study hard, you won’t pass the exam.

Once ~ (ひとたび~すれば)
  ex) Once I get there, everything will be okay.

As long as ~ (~しさえすれば、~する限りは)
  ex) As long as you stay with the police, you are safe.

・pileup:玉突き衝突 [ˈpɑɪlˌʌp]
・involve ~ in ・・・:~を・・・に巻き込ませる[関わらせる・関与させる]
  ex) I was involved in a four-car pileup.

  ex) It involved four cars.

・get involved:巻き込まれる
  ex) Have you ever seen or gotten involved in any transportation accident?

  ex) One of the cars exploded.

  ex) There was liquid coming out of my car.

・tow truck:レッカー車、牽引トラック [ˈtoʊ ˌtrʌk]
  ex) Once I get there, we’ll call a tow truck.

・on fire:火事になって
  ex) it’s on fire.

  ex) I’m shaky and panicking.

  ex) Even if you despise him, you have to work with him.

・give up on ~:~を見限る、見切りをつける
  ex) You will succeed as long as you don’t give up on your dream.

・turn ~ years old:~歳になる
  ex) You turn twenty years old.

  ex) What should be the right procedure to follow if you see or get involved in an accident?



・Adverbial Clause:副詞節 [ədvə́rbiəl]

・I was one of the cars in the middle.

Are you hurt?

・You calm down first and stay away from those cars.

・You must not get close to it.

・I will come and get you.


【 “a" の発音】

【 「成功する」の言い方】
you will have success
You will be successful
you will succeed



それにしても今回のShort Conversationは強烈な内容だった。


“even if" だの “as long as" だの、いつでもどこでも普通に使うフレーズなんだからさー。

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